• 2nd Bi-Annual BLACK LESBIAN CONFERENCE Planning Meeting
  • Armory 2017 Velvetpark
  • The Black Lesbian Conference 2016
  • Macon Reed "Eulogy for the Dyke Bar"
  • María Elena González
  • ODETTA Gallery
  • Julia Kunin 2015
  • Armory Show 2015
  • Angkor Diary 2014
  • Frieze Art Fair 2014
  • Whitney Biennial 2014
  • Armory show 2014
  • Sarah Sze, Asia Society
  • Constance Hockaday, Boatel 2011
  • Philippe Petit and Elizabeth Streb
  • Patricia Cronin, artist interview 2010
  • Jill Sobule and Erin McKeown
  • Amy Ray, Interview
  • Sia Furler Interview, 2009
  • Debora Kass, More Feel Good Paintings

Backstage with Katrina del Mar

Katrina del Mar is a downtown (underground) legend; filmmaker, photographer and long time scenester.  A few week ago I caught up with her backstage at her ...

Sea Dwelling Vagina Monsters and the Two Finger Touch

Prof C and I went undercover at the Atlanta Aquarium, and what we learned will shock you! Or probably just make you laugh. ...

GSX's Sarah Greenwood

Sarah Greenwood is the frontwoman for the rock band GSX. ...

Rosie O'Donnell: A Family Is a Family Is a Family

To say Rosie O'Donnell is a family woman is an understatement; she's an outright advocate for family... and I mean just having a family of any kind. ...

Sanitary Pads Will Change the World

Dealing with having a period each month is difficult enough, but imagine if you had no access to feminine hygiene products, and had to make due on your own. ...

Mating: Your Profile Picture

A good friend of mine, who I bumped into at a party, said they'd been lurking on Velvepark Mate unregistered, but hadn't "seen" anyone they were interested in. ...

Erin McKeonwn and Jill Sobule CD Giveaway!

While backstage with Erin Mckeown and Jill Sobule last month, I asked them to sing a them ...
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