The World According to Lynnee Breedlove

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The World According to Lynnee Breedlove

Seriously, Lynnee Breedlove is one of our favorite people. He’s the former front person of the legendary punk band Tribe 8, author of Godspeed, a queer visionary, and an arbiter of butch etiquette. His new book One Freak Show, based on his stage performance of the same name, just won a Lambda award.

We grabbed him while he was in town and got him to tell us everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how to be a stand up guy. We think you’ll agree with us when we tell you the results are priceless.

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minniesota's picture


Diana, I am laughing about how you linked the worry about your hair to your concern about the birds in Louisiana. Great video.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Not2Taem's picture


Who knew Cage was going to play the straight guy? In a comic sense, of course.

Diana Cage's picture

that line about interest in

that line about interest in birds. still laughing. still.

KJ's picture


How to split two rocks with one blow: cut off your hair, and send it to Matters of Trust to make an oil-absorbing hair boom. (Unless BP won't deploy them.)

karrr's picture

probably won't

probably won't

Rockets's picture


I think I just learned more in 6 minutes and 47 seconds then I've learned in my entire life... in a number of subjects and categories lol!

Seriously! I could spend hours listening to Lynnee. Thanks for introducing us.

(funny role play)


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Rockets's picture


I want "Hot, rockin' fuckin' shit."

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patricia's picture

Lynnee is always a riot!

And Diane, you were so funny with the shoes! 

Do you really like Louboutins?! 


Diana Cage's picture

its the red soles! I cant

its the red soles! I cant help myself!

Diana Cage's picture

"where did you develop this

"where did you develop this uh interest in birds?"


geek4grammar's picture


dude, you were like having yourself a little improv game at the end there, when he was trying to make an example out of how to talk to a lady w/ you...soooo freaking funny!!!

but general awesomeness aside, I really appreciated what he said about going to buy the book from your local queer bookstore, and if they don't have it tell 'em to order it (and yeah, it was both funny and sad when grace jumped in with, "what if their local queer bookstore closed?"). but for places that do still have 'em, it's important. actually, I happened to be spending the weekend in northampton when ariel schrag's last book came out, so I strolled down to pride & joy to pick up a copy, and they didn't have it. they didn't have any of her stuff, or even know who she was. and when i told them, they were pretty psyched and thanked me a lot. so, there you go. NYC to the world queer cultural outreach! 

lastly, I still do feel somewhat left out of these super-duper butch/femme discussions. I honestly can't relate to them at all. but that doesn't mean I don't want anyone to enjoy it...I sometimes just wish there was more variety here in the brooklyn queer women's scene. 


We're all born naked. The rest is drag.
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)