Sia Will Sprinkle Fairy Dust On You

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Sia Will Sprinkle Fairy Dust On You

For some reason, I missed the boat on Sia when it sailed by three years ago. Sia who has been at it in the music industry for decades, beginning in Australia, had her big US break through when her song "Breath Me" was used in the final scene in the finale of the hit series Six Feet Under.

I may have willfully forgot that final scene because it was so depressing... I mean I know the show was all about death but watching all the main characters die in six minutes was a little much. I guess it was better than walking off hand in hand with no resolve at all? Eh hum. And clearly the most lasting impression for many people was Sia's song.

So thankfully this summer at MichFest due to a series of coincidence and accidents, Sia was scheduled to play the Fest at the last minute. The evening she played it rained. Diana, the Prof, and I almost didn't leave our camp site dreading being stuck freezing, drenched and sitting in mud. But we relented, sat huddled under plastic ponchos and when Sia came on stage we were absolutely spell bound. I'm not sure how to really describe her, other than being dazzled by fairy dust.

Needless to say, her songs have been downloaded and now populate my ipod. If you've heard her you know what I'm talking about, if you haven't then listen on her myspace page, and you will.

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Julia Watson's picture

Moon, you are insane. Six

Moon, you are insane. Six Feet Under has the best series finale I've ever seen. EVER!

And I loved Sia's music before seeing this video, but now I'm a little in love with her, too.

Joanne Robertson's picture

I concur!

Six feet Under raised the bar for series finales ... I had this little fantasy that The L Word would end with that level of profound awesomeness Laughing out loud

Change of subject ... I heard they're making a Goonies 2, with the original cast.  Anyone know if that's true?

Julia Watson's picture

Because The Goonies is one of

Because The Goonies is one of my favorite movies of all time and a sequel sounds both sacrilege and tantalizing, I just looked but could not find a single reference to a recently greenlit Goonies 2, or even gossip about one. It looks like Chris Columbus was supposed to be helming one back in '87, but it never got off the ground.

Joanne Robertson's picture

The Goonies facebook page alerted me with a rare post

It's hard to know what's true and what's just wishful-fan-thinking. 

Granted most sequels suck, but I actually think they would put some effort into a new Goonies.  It's been such a long time and people adore the original ... I don't think they would allow the memory of the original to be corrupted!

Could be an interesting storyline, with the actors nearly or 40 and with Goonies of their own Smile


Joanne Robertson's picture

I first saw Sia on Letterman

I was transfixed ... so was my Dad, who was with me!

It was so unique ... one of those performances where you sit there, wide eyed and go "wow - what the?".

Here it is:


minniesota's picture


I really enjoy that interview with Sia. Have her "Breathe Me" song on my iTunes.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Lake's picture


Just added her to my playlist!! Wink


gk's picture

Felt that way when I first heard her.

 I hope her music stays in my head all weekend.