Hapa Hour: Namul Banchan (Asian Lettuce Wraps)

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Hapa Hour: Namul Banchan (Asian Lettuce Wraps)

Hey everyone please forgive our little hiatus in posting the fall series of Hapa Hour... um, now that its officially winter... Happy New Year! The good news is good food should and can be eaten during all seasons!

Cooked jasmine rice
lettuce leaves (boston bibb preferred)
prepared kimchee
chili paste

Bean sprout namul
A few handfuls of bean sprouts
1 green onion, finely chopped
1 tablespoon of toasted sesame seeds
1 tablespoon of light soy sauce
2 tablespoons of sesame oil

Blanch the bean sprouts by dipping them into the boiling water and removing them after about a minute. They will become translucent. Their acquaintance with the boiling water is brief. Drain the sprouts and rinse them with cold, running water to stop their cooking & servable at cool or room temperature. Toss the sprouts with the remaining ingredients. Arrange on a serving plate or bowl. and serve with additional namul below. Use the lettuce like a taco; fill a leaf first with rice, top with kimchee, bean sprout, spinach and chili paste to your liking.

Spinach namul
Same as above except substitute bean sprouts with fresh spinach.  Squeeze the spinach dry with hands after blanching.

Now for the drinks!

2 parts ruby port
2 parts vodka or gin
1 part lime juice
Shake and serve in a martini glass

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Comments [29]

Not2Taem's picture

Trust Moon

to find a cute queer gino. I swear, every vag Dr. in San Antonio is so straight they don't know what the *** we're talking about.

Kat and Marina's picture

Move to BKNY!!!

I'm originally from SATX myself.  I lived in a Ray Ellison hood called Sky Harbour on the South side.  Then moved to Devine, TX for middle school then Moore, TX (population 100) during my highschool years.  And I spent WAY too much time in Laredo. The further south you go, it get's more conservative, and more intolerant of alternative lifestyles.  It can be scary.  I hope this changes for the better sooner than later.  Best of luck to you in SA!!!  N holler when you come to BK!

love n lone star,


Not2Taem's picture

Ray Ellison!

Lucky the roof didn't fall in and deprive us all of the quirky queer cookery. So glad you made it to a more welcoming habitat where they also know how to build a house. If I ever have the good fortune to get out that way, I will def give you a shout.


FrostBitTit's picture

Boil Brown Rice!

I found a trick in cooking brown rice in Cooks Illustrated magazine - boil it like you would pasta!

Big pot of 10-12 cups of salted water

1 cup of brown rice (rinse the rise under water for at least 30 seconds first)

Boil for 30 minuntes and drain - put the rice back into the pot, put a lid on it for at least five minutes.  Remove the lid and fluff up the rice with a fork. So fluffy and tasty! I usually stir fry some onion, garlic, red pepper, mushroom, zucchini - add a can of rinsed black beans - add cumin/garlic powder/pepper - mix in the rice and you are eating a super healthy meal.

It's super tasty and really good for you!

Lake's picture

Ooooooo my.......

and you cook!!!!!!  Wink


FrostBitTit's picture

I can stir your pot....

I'm a pretty good cook....what's your favorite type of food?  I'm on a quest in perfecting the best french onion soup (I had the best in Maui).  

Lake's picture

I'm Irish....

Bangers and Mash always do it for me.......Wink


Not2Taem's picture


You just like it because they sound naughty. I like that in a woman.  Evil

FrostBitTit's picture

Mashed Potatoes are my favorite!

Peel Yukon Golds - dice them - boil in salted water until fork tender then mash with butter and warmed evaporated milk - add grated smoked gouda cheese....and you won't miss the bangers.  Well, maybe...we'll have to find a substitute for the bangers.

Kat and Marina's picture

Mushy (marrowfat) peas...omg soooo good.

Doesn't sound appealing but if you ever have the chance, try marrowfat peas if you like peas in the first place.  They're bigger and starchier.  So I did an Aussie thing I think (or is it Irish?) and had mashed potatoes with mushy marrowfat peas on top.  It was carb heaven followed by a food coma.

as for potatoes, I'll have to try using evaporated milk!  that sounds amazing especially with smoked goooooda. freakin yum.  I personally love adding sour cream or yogurt to my mashed potatoes for a bit of tang.  But evaporated milk sounds more than decadent.  It's on my to-do list for sure.

FrostBitTit's picture

Carb Coma

...I can totally relate to it.  

I don't care for peas at all - but if marrowfat peas don't taste to pea-y, I may have to try it out!

Now - back to my pancakes...  :-)

Steph's picture

Can't do peas - I used to

Can't do peas - I used to negotiate with my mum on how many she could put on my plate.  I started negotiations at zero and we would usually end up at about 8, which I would then hide in my pocket and flush down the loo! 

Tex's picture

Lettuce wraps!

Absolutely LOVE lettuce wraps

Maybe y'all could school us on different types of rice - such as Jasmine. It's a shame I know nothing of the preparation of rice no more than plain. I grew up in shouting distance of the largest rice producer in America....

Twitter Time @kdhales

Kat and Marina's picture

about rice

You know, this might be a great idea for a future quicky vlog for common rice varieties.  Pretty much any white rice is cooked using the same procedure.  If there is a white rice, there is a brown (e.g. white jasmine and brown jasmine rice).  However, I don't think you'll find brown sushi rice since the bran is intact and won't release enough starch for sticky-ness.  But who knows, I'm sure it's out there...I just haven't looked for it.  Note that cooking brown rice takes more water and more time to cook; about 45 minutes and roughly1/3 more water.

happy munching!

Not2Taem's picture

Jumping in the pot

If I jump in the pot with brown and white Jasmine, will you gals get us all stirred up.?  Innocent

My grocery sells sushi made with short grain brown rice, but they don't sell the rice that they use for it. They said it only comes in 30 lb sacks. I wonder if you could find it at a natural food store.

Robin Rigby's picture

When I bought my rice cooker

When I bought my rice cooker I also got a great rice cooker cookbook that gives a lot of great info on the different kinds. It was very informative so I'm sure other folks would find a piece on that interesting. FYI, I've found that brown rice doesn't take noticeably longer than white in my cooker. I use a medium grain brown from Japan that I get at my local Asian market. For white I love, love, love Calrose. Such great flavor!

Tex's picture

Robin! Robin! Robin!

although I am sure your 'rice cooker' is a really handy contraption.....I was trying to flirt with the two Vp 'rice cookers'!   I'm sure these two hot cookers can boil up a mean pot of rice!  


Twitter Time @kdhales

minniesota's picture


Tex, if you put Bee Gees songs and Wild Rice together do you get More Than A Woman? Just wondering...

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Tex's picture

Let me check and see.....


Yep, I think you do! Lord have mercy, I want that white suit!

Twitter Time @kdhales

Not2Taem's picture


is more than a woman. 

Hi Minnie. Did you have a nice BD?

Lake's picture

Are you talking about rice....

or is that a code word I need to know?!?!?!  Wink


Tex's picture


you know I am the ultimate player of words....look at this definition of rice, Oryza sativa ....

  "cereal grass that is cultivated extensively in warm climates for its edible grain"

Now, tell me Oryza sativa isn't sensuous?!?!


Twitter Time @kdhales

Lake's picture

Off to the kitchen.....

we have 'WILD RICE' !!!!! Wink


Tex's picture


From the woman of few words and many explanation points!   

Smile Smile Smile Smile

Twitter Time @kdhales

Lake's picture




Kat and Marina's picture

Great start for my day!

I laughed out loud in my office when reading this string.  You bring new meaning to 'rice queen'! LOL.

Conlite's picture

Having a gynecologist comment

Having a gynecologist comment on a cooking show - has that ever been done before??

That food looks really delicious anyway; gonna try this one.

Grace Moon's picture

Hahaha yeah we were trying a

Hahaha yeah we were trying a few new things. Smile

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Kat and Marina's picture

I hope to make her my primary gyno!!!

It was soooo cool having her there.  During taping, we totally huddled around her asking her all sorts of questions, sometime of a graphic nature.  But it was great and she was able to dispell many of our misconceptions and teach us a thing or two.  High five!