GLAAD Awards 2010 NYC

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GLAAD Awards 2010 NYC

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) presented their 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York last night. For more information about the award recipients and a recap of last nights event, check the GLAAD website

Diana: Hi Grace! So tell me how it felt to get shot down by one of the Real Housewives of New York on the red carpet at the 21st Annual GLAAD Awards?

Grace: Jill Zarin is my new favorite straight person. She totally rolled with the punches and I thought she was very cool and down with the gays. What about Joy Behar?

Diana: She is consistently fabulous and fierce. Love her.

Grace: That Will Phillips kid was the best. The parents seemed so proud of him too. It was pretty adorable. They're from a small town in Arkansas. He said, "We are a little patch of blue in a sea of red."

Diana: I liked that he told his teacher to jump off a bridge. What about when Sandra Bernhard said she thinks Lady Gaga is the most interesting thing going on in queer culture?

Grace: Well, that was a follow-up question to the reporter next to us who asked her about Madonna.

Diana: Why would anyone still be asking Sandra Bernhard about Madonna. Did that reporter sleep through the last fifteen years? Is she Rumplestiltskin?

Grace: I think Bernhard felt the same way. Fortunately Julie Bolcer saved that interview by asking her who she thought was a significant name in culture now. Oh my other surprise was how excited Cynthia Nixion was when I asked her about marriage equality in NY! She is like reallllly involved with this issue

Diana: OK, Cynthia Nixon earned my undying admiration for that. She took that question head on. It was like she went on attack. That is a kick ass dyke.

Grace: Yeah, and Sigourney Weaver looked great. Do you think she’s had work done?

Diana: Well she certainly hasn’t been Botoxed. She looked pretty taken aback when you told her she was responsible for turning young girls gay. OK, you didn’t get a celebrity date out of the evening, but we definitely got some priceless footage.

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Comments [6]

minniesota's picture

Will Phillips

Will Phillips brought tears to my eyes. The young shall lead us!

I liked how Joy Behar noted that she was brought up in her family to be able to say what she thinks.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

MacLass_19's picture

What a cool kid!

I hope that courageous young boy, Will Phillips, is an example of the future of America, and not an aberration.

One thought: Isn't it interesting how Jarrett Barrios, the president of GLAAD, calls us the GLBT community, and so many others prefer the LGBT community. Hummmm...even young Will called us the LGBT community - I adore that boy!


Pat Lewis's picture

GLAAD Awards --

Great interviews! I'm so happy to see that GLAAD is expanding the organization's mission and activities to draw more much needed attention to its causes. I've worked on their events in the past -- they have great people working for them! Go GLAAD!


Julia Watson's picture

I love how Sandra Bernhard is

I love how Sandra Bernhard is name-dropping Rachel Maddow like crazy all over her Vp interview. Then again, if Rachel had been over to my apartment to make fancy historical cocktails for me and my friends, I would prob never shut up about it either.

Amy Nicole Miller's picture


and Julia, how can we NOT point out Sandra's admiration of Lady Gaga!

Julia Watson's picture

Yes, this was highly

Yes, this was highly pleasing. Sandra B. has always had impeccable taste in pop icons.