Gallery Hopping with Grace & Patricia

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Gallery Hopping with Grace & Patricia

A couple of weeks ago Patricia and I finnaly got together for one of New York Cities great cultural past times, gallery hopping. We visited a handfull of Chelsea galleries showing important female artists.

We visited the Betty Cuningham Gallery for the great expressionist painter Joan Snyder, the late Louise Bourgeois and Tracey Emin collaborative works at Carolina Nitsch Project Room, and Ana Mandieta, who Patricia wrote about last week. I learned a lot from Patricia I didn't know, including all about Mandieta, and also Patricia's very interesting perspecitve on humankinds first tool, the water bowl.

We had so much fun on this jaunt we have sworn to continue to do "Gallery Hopping" as a regular series. Let us know what you think.

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Comments [6]

SMBrown's picture

Thanks Patricia and Grace!

Thanks Patricia and Grace!  Great tour.  Those 'juicy' lipstick marks in the Snyder piece definitely brightened my day.

More please!   Smile

p.s. do you need special permission to shoot in the galleries or are they generally cool with it?

patricia's picture

generally cool with it

we did our thing, but not drawing attention to the video was helpful. Less of an intervention that way...

Erika Davis's picture


Keep Gallery Hopping.  It helps me edit where I want to go Wink

Erika has spoken.
Now, go read my blog Smile

Conlite's picture

Interesting theory about the

Interesting theory about the bowl - probably true.

patricia's picture


Oh, less of my dorkyness next time, please...
Grace  you said some awesomely "dope" stuff and you edited it out....!

Conlite's picture

Cute, intelligent dorkiness. 

Cute, intelligent dorkiness.  Yes please, keep gallery hopping!