Dinner at Moon's: Flirting, Boobs and Diana Cage's Reading at Sideshow

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Dinner at Moon's: Flirting, Boobs and Diana Cage's Reading at Sideshow

So today I was supposed to post another installment of Hapa Hour, but we got a little side tracked in getting the recipes together for the video, but don't worry there are more to come.

In it's place today, is a random dinner at my place. KL, Diana and the Prof ended up talking boobs, flirting and other random things.

And speaking of random segues. If you'd like to meet Diana Cage live and in person she'll be doing a reading of new work at Sideshow, a queer reading series in the East Village (NYC).

Sideshow: The Queer Literary Carnival
Hosted by Cheryl B. & Sinclair Sexsmith
June 8 at Phoenix, 47 East 13th Street at Avenue A
in the East Village of New York City
Doors, 7:30pm. Reading, 8pm.

This month’s theme is BUTCH/FEMME, starring:
Syd Blakovich - internationally acclaimed pioneer of independent, adult, queer cinema
Diana Cage - Our very own Cage
Miriam Perez - founder of Radical Doula, a blog that lives at the intersections of birth activism and social justice
Jack Stratton - sex positive, mostly-straight,mostly-top, non-monogamous, writer, skeptic, foodie, graphic designer and aspiring dandy.
Teresa Theophano - a writer, social worker, and community organizer. She is the editor of Queer Quotes

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Comments [17]

Erika Davis's picture

What a fun night!

I was utterly amused the entire night.  It was like hanging out with friends who were in my computer while I was at home...

Erika has spoken.
Now, go read my blog Smile

Lake's picture

I love

Louis!  Very cool dog!!


SMBrown's picture

I'd lay odds Fatty could take

I'd lay odds Fatty could take Louis...

Calogero's picture

Not so sure

I think Louis is just in stealth mode... Clearly Fatty's having none of it, but I'm convinced Louis knows he's the boss.

" Teachers teach and do the world good, Kings just rule and most are never understood "

Not2Taem's picture


Louis was so amused that he started snorffling. They're both pretty damn cute.

minniesota's picture

Fatty is so cute

I wanna have dinner with Fatty!

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Not2Taem's picture

Fish Tacos?


Not2Taem's picture

Boobs and Butch

I'm still trying to get my head around the idea of Moon with giganta-boobs = more butch. That - does - not - compute.

KL's picture

prof and d

what does that mean? way to advertise a private joke. i'm gonna go bend over in the corner now.

Lots of love.

Prof C's picture


i like where this is going...

this could make a great opening paragraph for a new story.

btw, i just meant that i love our little fam, including you, even if all you have to contribute is picking things up off the floor.

Diana Cage's picture

It was something Grace said

It was something Grace said to Emma two years ago. We'd only been dating for about 3 weeks and Moon said "Why are you going back to atlanta? Your life is here now." And it was just a funny foreshadowing that came true.

Grace Moon's picture


okay okay... so i never remember what i say to people!

so it turns out i was the prophecie!

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Grace Moon's picture


i don't know what their talking about either, but I bet you 100 bucks its something either the tarot or an astrologer told them.

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Tex's picture

Lunge at them and start making out! :-)

Holy hell, KL! Yep, that move works!

The big boob thing - here's a fav 'trick'.... the woman that has big enough boobs so that you can bring them together and kiss both nipples at the same time! 

Love Fatty getting all riled up at the cute pup in the territory....dog could care less.

Do like this getting together over food and drink concept - always brings out interesting and entertaining conversation. In y'all's case that is an extreme understatement!  

That's a hot 'still shot' of Prof C!



Twitter Time @kdhales

Lake's picture

Your new title.......

Boobologist!!!! Wink


Prof C's picture

"my life is here now"

"my life is here now"

Diana Cage's picture

she said it two years ago and

she said it two years ago and she was right!