Ask Mister SoftT, hosted by Katz: Episode 1

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Ask Mister SoftT, hosted by Katz: Episode 1

Welcome to the new video series "Ask Mister SoftT" hosted by performance artist Harvey Katz of Athens Boy's Choir fame. Throughtout his travels across this great country, Katz has encountered poeple, young and old, who just want simple answers to life's difficult questions. In an effort to shed light into dark corners Katz brings you this new series. (— GM)

To ask Mr. SoftT a question e-mail, askmistersoftt[at]

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Comments [29]

Diana Cage's picture

while we are on the subj

Since I'm currently living with the prof in Atlanta, I'm going to start a new vid series with two really awesome women in Atlanta. Both are smart femmes, I really think you'll like them. I would totally love to get some topic suggestions. What would you guys like to talk about?



minniesota's picture


1. Space Aliens: How do you negotiate the space you need for yourself in your relationship?

2. You're Not Funny: What happens if you turn out to not have the same sense of humor as your partner?

3. Take Me to Bed: What does your bed say about you and your relationship?

4. Ping Pong: Paddle Spanking.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Not2Taem's picture


For just a moment I thought that was an invitation.

Or an order? Wink

You certainly are witty this evening.

minniesota's picture

Tae, I wondered if anyone

Tae, I wondered if anyone would notice #3. Laughing out loud

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Not2Taem's picture

You can always count on me.


LongBeachDogLover's picture

Oh Minnnnnnnnie.....

Strawberry margaritas? Come on, give me a clue.

No. No, it's micro-brew-beer....right? 

What'cha drinkin' tonight?    LMAO



minniesota's picture

Ding ding ding

It's Summit India Pale Ale. Summit is a speciality brewing company less than a mile from my place. Laughing out loud

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Very nice....

That sounds delicious right about now.

Enjoy your brew, and have a sip on me. Well, not on me, but you know what I mean.   Wink



Diana Cage's picture

hey ladeez

Give things a chance, will you. I feel like this stuff speaks to me and I enjoyed seeing queer folks I can actually relate to talk about relationships. And even if you don't like it it doesn't mean you have to knock it for the rest of us. Why not just move on and watch something else instead of being so dismissive.

LongBeachDogLover's picture


It spoke to me also. But, it said.... "turn this off, right now!".

To each their own -  just sayin'.   Oups


P.S. I was just told to not respond because you'll punish us with another fisting blog. I giggled, and said ...... bring it !!   Wink


Diana Cage's picture

how bout I

punish you with a spanking blog? Over my knee perhaps?

Not2Taem's picture

No pushing!

Form a single line to the right. Do not block the aisle. Ladies. Ladies! No need to shove, everyone will get a turn. And don't neglect the tip jar. The lady likes to keep an assortment of paddles on hand.  Wink

LongBeachDogLover's picture

Damn Ms. Diana.....

Now you've got me all, know.   Love  




minniesota's picture

Just needed a bit more intro

Hey, Diana, I just had a chance to watch this video today. Frankly, I needed more context and a bit of an introduction to what this was supposed to be all about. I was trying to keep an open mind but the video was kinda slow and I didn't quite see the point. After I did some googling, I found out more about Harvey Katz and then the name rang a bell. So now I look forward to more.

What I'm trying to say is that it would help me to know more when there is new content.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Diana Cage's picture

thanks minns

I hear you about that. Thanks for responding.

Not2Taem's picture


I thought it was a nice little jaunt on the lite side. Wouldn't it be nice to return to a time (or experience it as a first) when such things were your primary concern?

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture


... Hmm... I'll pass

Joanne Robertson's picture

I don't know ...

what to make of this?!!  hmm   Puzzled

LongBeachDogLover's picture


Puzzled   Puzzled

Joanne Robertson's picture

Each to

their own ... I guess??!  Smile

OK, I'll say it ... it seems a bit low quality for VP!

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

You think? lol

I guess this is was happens when things get a too bit slow on a Friday night here?

I made it a third of the way thru before I just tuned out.

Joanne Robertson's picture

I mean, I'm sure they're lovely

people ... but that would not have made it onto AE ... that's all I'm sayin'!

Not2Taem's picture

If we're going to talk quality...

Cage and prof, do not take offense at this because I think you are both precious and look forward to your posts. It just happens that the format of your video is the closest thing to this that airs regularly here, and offers some pertinent points of comparison. Smile

The actual video quality, background noise, ability to actually make out what folks are saying, etc. is not always excellent with Cage and the Prof, either. We may mention it in a gently teasing way (beep, beep), but we aren't mean about it.  And I may be wrong here, but I suspect that the topic of every single blog they have done did not totally fascinate every single person on the site. We don't go around shouting, "Gee, that has nothing to do with my life!" We just wait and see what the next one brings, acknowledging that different jewels appeal to different folks.

Why? Because we know and Love them. And while this week's rubies may not appeal to me, I know they will get around to that fine amethyst and peridote in good time.

I feel like this vid-blog represents an effort to bring some new folks, and different gems, into our little community. I hope that we will extend to them the same welcoming embrace that we do to those we already know and love.

And again, personally, I enjoyed it and hope that they will give us another chance. Puzzled

offering to the new gays in the hood  Beer



Robin Rigby's picture

Good job, Tae.  I didn't care

Good job, Tae.  I didn't care for the vid, didn't find it compelling or even very interesting (I'm also super-tired) but I'm not going to just dismiss it outright.  I also think comparing VP to a completely different site is inappropriate.  The implication being that that site is somehow better than this one when in reality it's just different.

I'll withhold judgment until there's some more videos to make a fair evaluation.

Diana Cage's picture


That was so awesome and so what I needed to hear and I would throw you down and kiss you if I could!

It's not that I don't appreciate criticism when it's useful, it's just I'm super sensitive to queer people being dismissive of each other.

Not2Taem's picture


Well, I'm not usually into wrestling, but for you I'll make an exception. Wink

Tag team, Prof?

Professor C's picture

can we wear suits?



Can i hear some handclaps (in unison) for Harvey's awesome intro to the video blog. i mean come ON!

Not2Taem's picture


As long as it reflects your usual flair, you can wear, or not, anything you want. 

By the way, I hope that's you tying it on to Cage. That pick is so fucking sexy!  Tongue

LongBeachDogLover's picture

heeee heeeeee

I'm glad that you said that, and not me.   Smile