Amy Ray on Tour

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Amy Ray on Tour

Last week we caught up with Amy Ray in New York City on her rock band tour of the East coast. This tour included bandmates Melissa York, Kaia Wilson and Julie Wolf — veteran queer music road warriors in and of themselves.

Honestly, it is hard to catch up and keep up with Amy. Between her work with Indigo Girls (including two recordings in the last 15 months, plus tour dates) as well as her solo rocker stuff, she also carves out time for environmental and queer activism. On top of that, there's keeping a happy home life with a partner, 16 dogs, and a few cats!

There are so many reason that queer musicians like Amy stay in the spotlight. One defining feature beyond the great tunes and all the good works is a sheer love of it all. As someone who's been covering dyke culture for almost 10 years, my burning question for Amy was, how does she keep going? As the adage goes: love what you do, do what you love. Truer words...

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FrostBitTit's picture

Amy Ray In AK!

She's my absolute favorite - and so you can imagine when the news broke out here in my itty bitty Alaska town that the Indigo Girls will be spending New Year's Day here with us!   Button up, Buttercups!!

Tex's picture


Good to see you. Been thinking about you and the frost bits. Looks like you'll be warming up on new years! Big smooch!

Twitter Time @kdhales

FrostBitTit's picture

Bits are Frozen!


We finally had our first cold snap this week! The temperature dropped down to - 34 the other morning and have to plug in the car now.  It's cold and dark and I'm just all out of sorts.  Blah.  So the New Year not only brings Amy Ray - but a week in Hawaii!  Now, if only I could get Amy Ray IN Hawaii.....hehe.


SMBrown's picture

Grace, how COOL that you got

Grace, how COOL that you got to interview Amy--had you met her before? 

p.s. she still backs Barack!   Wink

Grace Moon's picture

Amy Ray knows everyone

I think there should be a 6 degrees of Amy Ray game. We have 2 connects who have connected amy to Vp, Gina Mamone of Riot Grrrrl records and Kelly Mac.

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Conlite's picture

Thanks for posting this.  I

Thanks for posting this.  I love how down-to-earth Amy always comes across as in interviews.