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your phone! 
This Yankee needs to be cooled off.........
love affair......not too shabby!   Just sayin!!!!
Happy Birthday!!!  xoxo
Yes it is!!     Sexy of you to remember......
Never say never........   I recall a  nice collection of silk scarves......just sayin!!
US government is spending tax payers money (7 million dollars) to put ARMY on a NASCAR!!!!!!!!!!!     Keeps getting better.......NOT!!!!
If my memory serves me correctly.... The Saints were your team and I flashed you.... so in sticking with the 'true' tradition will be flashing me!!!! Win!!!! Win!!!!!
Yeah Texy!!!! Don't forget the traditional flashing for scoring!!!! Great Super Bowl last year!!!!
when you want to 'break-up'!!
Hey Texy.....I hear it's better to be naked when sharing the body heat.....just saying!!!!!!!!!!  Cold fronts are working out pretty good for this Northerner!!!!!!    
SAGITTARIUS--accepting our ability to establish wealth SAGITTARIUS--the love affair that you thought you'd never have SAGITTARIUS--feeling at home anywhere    
won't be so bad!!! Yes I will be watching the game! I'm waiting for the upset!!
surround sound!!!!!!   Thanks for doing that walking stick trick!!!!
thank you!!!   I need chocolate!!!   
Feel better soon!!! GO VOLS!!!!!!
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