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Ditto and United States of Tara is up there, too.
We've only seen only been one episode with the new Doctor in the US so far, but if I had to pick just one show to watch for the rest of the year it would be Doctor Who.
Yep, Time Warner (my only complaint about the service). I ended up recording one show on my computer so it turned out ok.
Double crap — Glee, Deadliest Warrior, and Lost are all on at the same time. I can only record 2 so it looks like Glee gets Hulued tonight.
I know exactly what you're referring to. And I wasn't talking about the media portion either.
Dang it, now I have that song the kids were singing in my head.
I dreamt that I sold my soul to the devil. When I woke up wasn't sure if it "counted" since I was dreaming. If it counted then that kind of sucks because I can't for the life of me remember what I got for it.
That ain't the way I heard it.
My standard response to hecklers was "And that's what happens when mothers drink during pregnancy." [edited for typo]
They are being seen, heard, and choosing one of the least effective ways in the arsenal of political activism to effect change. And pointing out the ineffectiveness of shouting down politicians who are on our side is not dismissive — it's being a realist. I will also state categorically that I...
Scream at the guy who's on our side and has already promised to sign the legislation. Way to go. I'm going to piss a bunch of people off but I don't care. This is lazy activism. How about doing some of the hard work instead? Organize calls to members of the committees that have jurisdiction. Lobby...
Did I miss the part about always having a Zippo lighter and bottle opener in your pocket even if you don't smoke or drink? My favorite bottle opener just died. The memorial is being planned on FaceBook as I type.
On a day when we ought to be remembering how the crazies justify violence the TeaBaggers are ramping it up: from Greenville, South Carolina:
Thanks for the link. I might need to send them the specs for my pickle-powered lamp.
No kidding, Mystics. Wow is right. In answer to your question below - yes it can be overturned. But I doubt any future ReThug president would have the stomach or political will to do that. Every year more of our allies reach voting age and more of our adversaries die off. It's ugly to say it that...
Rockets, you flatter me, but I'm changing my answer, too. I want the TARDIS. (I just saw the premiere of Doctor Who.)
Only if I can be Season 1 Locke and not Season 6 Flocke.
1. Towel (the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have) 2. Big ass sheath knife 3. Flint
I tracked down a link in the side bar to Jennifer Knapp's coming out interview in Christianity Today. About 1/2 way through this quote leapt out: Knapp: I'm in no way capable of leading a charge for some kind of activist movement. I'm just a normal human being who's dealing with normal...
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