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I've seen some bullshit on the web but lesbians tearing down another woman because they don't like the way she came out is beyond fucked up. Maybe I should have seen this coming but I truly didn't expect this on this site.
agreeing with you and deedee on this one. And whatever you do, don't go read comments on straight sites—Hate, hate, and more hate.
You read that as "pretty" I read it as "femme." Were there cover girl femme country stars who came out before she did? I think her point is that people need to look beyond the stereotypes of what lesbians look like. And maybe I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's a point that's been made dozens...
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Her name was Diane and she was an older woman. She was in kindergarten and I wasn't.
American Idol  is on my shit list for messing up my Glee recording 2 weeks in a row. If I watched it would boycott.
Negra Modelo, in a glass with salt on the rim; and a twist of lemon (not lime).
kd lang had already moved away from country music when she officially came out. Kelly mentioned Kristen Hall; I'm not an expert, but Wright's music comes across as more traditional country than Hall's. I'm wondering if her fan base is also more traditional.
This was a great interview. I think the reason I found it so compelling is because her coming out experience was so different from mine. I can't imagine growing up in an environment like hers.
Sorry, but I believe it's a BIG FUCKING DEAL for anyone in any situation to come out. And I stand by the reasoning I cited earlier—Because of the nature of her fan base no one knows how this will effect her career.
Some people have to work through their issues before they come out. And I can see how working through issues also wakes up both the musical and literary muses (musi?). It is perfectly reasonable to me that she ended up with a threefer. And she has no idea what this will do to her career. Publicity...
"We all wished her well in our comments" is only accurate if "we all" is is you, Minnie, and me. Even the original blog lacked any hint of congratulations. To steal from Joe Biden it's a big fuckin deal every time anyone comes out because it makes it that much easier for the next. Does all of our...
I get the feeling that the women in the Park are "let down" by the news that it's only Chely Wright. Can't we be happy for her? And the little gay girls and boys who are her fans? And their parents? It's country music fer crissakes! And she's a major artist. I like older country (Hank Williams Sr...
What more is there to understand? "Ah, arrogance and stupidity all in the same package. How efficient of you." ~ Ambassador Londo Mollari (Babylon 5)
Happy Star Wars Day: May The 4th Be With You
Welcome, congratulations, and don't let the f'tards get you down.
I know she wasn't out yet, but I was just dropping by to add KD to the thread: 1989 * Grammy Award — Best Country Vocal Collaboration for "Crying" (shared with Roy Orbison) 1990 * Grammy Award — Best Female Country Vocal Performance for "Absolute Torch And Twang" On Shadowland she sang with Kitty...
Tae, that's the one Julia picked too. She said it was ironic drag.
And also, I'm trying to "femme up" my Facebook avatar to provoke more attacks in Castle Age. Anyone want to vote? Here's the public page (no FB account needed) (Guess you need to copy/paste the link:)
Yabbut, a pint of Newcastle is only about $2.75 and it's worth a six-pack of that yellow fizzy crap.
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