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I've said this before but it bears repeating—I miss Molly Ivins and Ann Richards. A lot.
Minnie, did you save any of yours? I'm going to do a search on my computer for the episodes I did.
I'm so proud of my hometown I can't stand it.
And then there's Chicago: Stanley Cup Will Be In Chicago's Gay Pride Parade, Chicago Cubs To Have A Float As Well   AND Mr. Cub — Ernie Banks will be on the float.
I'm still not convinced that we were meant to even board that train. I think it's a series for straight men. If lesbians happen to glom on to it because they're so starved they'll watch anything with lesbians then for  Showtime that's just an added bonus. Crap starring lesbians is still crap.
Re: re-stocking the pantry—I came across this gem and thought I'd share: Scary Sextoy Friday: The comments are hysterical. Geek boys with exploding brains:
Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.
My earliest clear memory of my dad is when he taught me to play baseball (I was about 4). He and I make Italian Christmas cookies together every year. We can't sit in a room together for more than 10 minutes without arguing and he's one of my best friends. If they ever make a movie of his life he...
My 10-word review of Toy Story 3: Pixar tells the best story of the year (so far).
Middle Earth, please.
The soup is menudo and hominy ruins it for me. (I've loved brussel sprouts since I was a kid.)
They are worse, Steph. Someone took perfectly good cheese and ruined it with one of the 5 foulest tastes in the world. The other 4 are (in no particular order): - hominy (progenitor o'grits and ruiner of menudo) - chewing tobacco - Fels Naptha Soap (Thanks, mom. It totally worked on cleaning up my...
I still don't completely trust Ted Olson but his closing argument was breathtaking in his perfect balance of logic and emotional appeals
Minnie, I stopped reading the review here: "she meets Professor Catherine Stark (Allison McAtee), a young, sexy psychology professor with a reputation for bedding female undergrads." Lesbians who bed students (grad or undergrad) are no hotter or less reprehensible than straight guys who do it.
If Meg Witless wins I will leave the state since her sole purpose is to destroy what little California Arnold leaves behind. She is both evil and ignorant.
I side with Stephen Jay Gould and the concept of non-overlapping magisteria. Science and religion/morality deal with different questions and we get into trouble when they tread on each other's turf. Creation "science" anyone? Just because they can doesn't mean they should. Science does a crappy job...
So Israeli citizens are "innocent" but "Palestine people, (or what's left of them) should burn in hell, waste them all methodically, and kill (in way or another) all of those who still stand and talk about them and what happened to them." This is the attitude that is causing many staunch supporters...
It's the economic warfare, stupid. "Official Israeli Document Admits Blockade Is About Collective Punishment"
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