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choose: 1) security rub downs -- brisk, anonymous and hot. 2) the vegan or gluten-free meal -- to ensure you don't have five different types of bread on your tray.
i can't wait for my behind the scenes love affair
i stopped having/loving gay sex because various catholic clergy members love it too and i'm an atheist.
i've had veal parm, but my mom used to make a gorgeous thinly breaded veal that was lightly panfried and not oven baked. veal parm sauce and the cheese makes it too gooey for my liking. i'd like to try a crispy thickly breaded and pan-fried one i think....hmmmm...must get on that this weekend
country fried veal would be good
go jill. it's ironic that they had a man heading the whole thing...all the speakers are women, and all the audience seem to be women. 
but god sounds good. want this food so bad in china. the only way to get it is to occasionally make it myself. but the food is so cheap that i'm rarely cooking. they're big on lamb here. i wonder how i could make lamb in a southern way
no courage necessary. fry anything in fat and cheese and butter and milk and it's amaaaazing
he made an awesome daughter though
oh and katie. you can always tie so many things into your pieces. i love it. extended fam used to live in savannah. wonderful living. great food and booze. did you go to miss wilke's dining room?
TEXXXXX   i miss this! i'll add in some fresh corn bread with whole kernal corn and jalepenos. we can slice it and smear butter on top and add a scoop of chili. okra made with buttermilk and fried in fat creamed turkey too. i want it all.
brown-hair shelley duvall robert altman era. robert altman can go ahead and direct it, too.   
for a more authentic performance: can't use big words like "agenda" ; the description should've been written in caps lock with incorrect spacing, punctuation and spelling; ample pauses between thoughts; show some frowns and other facial emotion instead of words to show how meaningful and important...
 either. but usually when i want to watch a movie i choose a comedy anyways... rape isn't my idea of relaxation after a long day. but i did like the madea films
 but i love that picture of her on the ny article link. hella emoooootion.   oh and i'd be interested in coloring this if i can have those jumbo scented markers to do it with
get a mirror
sookie and bill...i've had e n o u g h. tara's bullshit repressed emotions have become so repetitive -- but they did give us reprieve at the end there with her accepting her mom. sam's storyline was good because we get to see his dark sides and he keeps unfolding. the maryann storyline...
season finale was really disappointing. the characters are driven by the same demons and they keep making the same stupid mistakes. so predictable. if anything they should've shown that the characters can make emotionally-wise choices and i would've been more surprised. 
humor is always a good antidote to pain.
nothing beats being your own boss. but sometimes it's hard to beat yourself out of lazy
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