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Apologies to loyal trekkies... Taem--I'll hunt for it, thanks! I thought I found the episode but that part wasn't there. Captain Kirk and Uhura kiss though which must have been shocking to late 60s audiences.
Couldn't resist posting this bit of social SF on Star Trek: The Next Generation. This episode aired in 1995 -- one of the earliest kisses between two women ever on television (and to this day one of the hottest in my opinion.) Enjoy! Here's the context: A...
As someone who has/is more likely to read the SF "classics" such as Wells, Heinlein, Gibson, Dick, (would Octavia Butler part of this list...) than stand in the SF section and see what's new, I am particularly intrigued by these statisitics. Perhaps it has less to do with SF as a genre and more to...
...and I think you should introduce DrummerGirl to SailorLady  
I forgot to mention how much I've liked their musical choices. I even downloaded Jen Foster's theme song from iTunes. Glad your watching now too, Minnie The I
You're 5'2" Tex?!!  I remember you as nearly my height (5'10")...Just goes to show that the light inside is the true measure of a person's stature.  xxxooo The I
Who me? Had some of that pesky work I need to do to pay rent. In the meanwhile, there are some very nice new G/G World TV character developments and a couple of extremely hot new girls on the international block.
Hi Sweetie
CanNOT wait for that!!!
Are you open to suggestions about which ones should go first?
Hey X! I came out to Desert Hearts (went wearing sunglasses to an old 2nd run art cinema about 10 times.) That scene in the rain! I also wore out my remote control's replay button with Personal Best (1982) and The Hunger (1983.)
Yes, and I've noticed that's also extremely common in all of the international TV programs I've been looking at. There's Chutney Popcorn (1999) by Nisha Ganatra with Jill Hennessey (from TV's Crossing Jordan) that does not rely on that trope.
I believe there is a old pair of black high tops in my closet but let's just say I'd rather take out the garbage than talk about my feelings. I have an avatar of an actual picture of me in the VP forum but I don't know how to put it up here. Happy to be back and thanks :oops:
I hesitate to admit it but I liked "It's in the Water "(1997). It's so bad it's a (a little) good, and I thought the lead was pretty hot. Kind of evidence of of Dr. C's first sentence, I guess.
To all Christina Cox fans who didn't know: Here's a link to the pilot of a lesbian cop show starring Christina Cox that never got picked up.
Fire Fire Fire!!! Maybe my favorite movie of all time too. A very satisfying "lesbian" movie but a brilliant commentary on Indian film-making, gender, and class too. Think I'll re-watch it right now!
So glad I'm not alone. I was starting to feel like I was a pervert or something. Oh, I forgot, I am. Mmmm that little white dress... Thanks Taem!
OK OK so I've been asleep. (red-faced little icon) So my #s1-3, 5 certainly make me one of the masses but NO ONE else mentioned Shane and Paige at all. Is she persona non grata for dissing the LWord actors?
Ahhh! Tips from the master!! Mistress? Mastress?
I just finally watched 607 and 608. Really struggled to get to the end in anticipation of reading JW after. Why do I bother with the Showtime version? Oh, yeah, the SEX scenes! My favorites in no particular order (because I know how much you all care): 1) S1E1 Bette and Tina (just because I'd never...
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