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blimey, but I have missed you....
Have mercy, C-Lite, I had no idea you were in the land of all day day and/or all day night! You are on up there for sure! I am hoping that your chaotic turns more and more towards harmonic with each and every day. And, I would have never guessed your world was chaotic. You have always been a bright...
Mighty nice of you, sweets! How're things with you? I hollered at ya about three months ago....did you hear me? I was working a claim right on the border and thought of ya!
Do not start making such comments to a woman alone in a hotel room!!!!
I have never heard those words come out of your mouth!  
How's the Texas heat?
Wise words for sure! So far 2012 has been right on....that power alliance sounds intriguing. My own person, Tex
if you need some help with body parts identification, I'm your woman......  xoxo
I have never had a bandana that spit!
on the policy....on your endorsements...and the state where you live! Remember - like marriage, insurance is regulated by the states. But, usually no unless you live in a "wind driven"'state. Thanks for the shout out. Actually taking a SBUX break at this moment. The catastrophe business has been...
Hellllllooooooo there, Lakey! I remember an orange silk scarf.....your favorite color, right?
the premise reminds me of Loving Annabelle....a bit of a "been there done that" type of thought. Heartfelt congrats to Fernanda - all of us need a wish come true. It really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of it. ISU's in Bloomington, Tex
this chick is the poster child for higher ed!  Love cats too, Tex
Like that Brooks Brothers shirt and vest look - like mine with French cuffs!  Crispy, Tex
never been into the bondage thingy, but desires I've got....except they're not for just "anything"..... Sultry times, D-Fatty! Tex
I think she's a gorgeous person using her stage to project love... Tagless, Tex
if we don't make a remarkable turn around. It appears that China is rapidly on its way to becoming the world's leading economy - overtaking America sooner than later. Our greed will be our demise....
Of course I applaud his stance......but, talk is cheap! Wish he had 'acted' on all this when he had the majority to make the changes!
And, Stephie! Who you calling baby?   
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