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Exactly as believable as Cagney & Lacey!  The only thing I don't understand is how they managed to do all that dirty work (and blood work) without getting a speck of dirt (or blood) on them.  Sister girl's shirt was whiter than white throughout! Loved it! 
It looks like Logo is going the way of MTV after it introduced "The Real World" and started focusing more on TV and less on music videos.  Maybe they should take out the "L" and "G" altogether and just call the channel "OO."   
Although this story is fiction, I only wish parents like Faith's were only a fantasy.  Sadly, not so.   Thanks for your comment! Sissy
More problems are on the way.  Thank you for commenting and reading. Big hug, Sissy
Hi Tosha, Thanks for noticing my naming thing.  Her full name is Faith Leslie (Less Faithful) and now her name is Sister Faith Morehead (More head games).  I try to make most of my characters names aptronyms, a nod toward one of my favorite humorous writers, Charles Dickens.  :) I'm...
My favorite lines: people grow on one mean like mold?  
I really appreciate that!  I'm working on my next book Further Adventures of Sissy Van Dyke which I hope to finish in a few months.  Ah, new optimism for a new year.  Have a great day!
Hey, thanks for reading and for taking a moment to comment!
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