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I'm excited about this. I did not know about the print magazine at all. Looking forward to watching this project unfold. -Bleu
Amen, sister... xo
Vp, thank you for posting this. BTW, I was honored last weekend when my story BANGS was read at the New York Public Library CLMP/NYPL Magathon event. To hear the reading go to my website. bleuzette.com Sign up for my monthly newsletter and receive a free short story in your inbox. ~Bleuzette La...
NOW! Tosha, This is very timely. Thank you. I've been struggling lately. It's difficult for me to trust that I was created just as this world needs me to be. The Divine is closer than ever, in fact, it is within me. I feel it. =) xo Bleu
what a week! Nice modern-day Druga on the 1972 preview issue of Ms. And, all those fine lookin' ladies showin' PRIDE! How come hedgehogs are so stinkin' cute??? Baa!
Seeing this took my breath away. I could not be happier that this happened. For me this is proof that the universe swirls naturally towards the positive. Not just for the further acceptance of a diverse global population but for the pure acceptance of love. ♥ Love comes in many forms, focus on the...
Oh crumbs, yeah!
You are SUCH a good story teller. This is terrific stuff, hun! ~Bleu
Was there for the November '02, 7.9 earthquake as well... was pretty sure I was going to die! But lucky for the wide world of lesbians I did not! haha I miss the automatic survival mode that the extreme north provides, I know what you mean on that one. I felt it on a different scale in Iraq and...
Nice piece, Conlite. Always happy to read what you write. I lived 7 yrs in AK... I can seriously relate. I had to call in to work late once as there was a mama and baby moose in my driveway. I just waited and they eventually left. Boss gave me not a lick of grief about it as that is just life, as...
I know... right? She is some funny honey.
Wow, it's already pressuring me, "make two pizzas, Hannah," FUCK YOU BAG!
Oh, I laughed so hard I think I pulled something… aghhahahahahaaaa! BTW – you are BOTH divinely complex and totally hot!
rich and honest. Love! kholi, I might just have to leave you a love note.
Both rescued... A 9 year old Chihuahua named Mini who is a registered therapy dog and a 3 year old Italian Greyhound, with one good eye, named Wiley. They are my babies! I have no idea how to share a pic on here.
OK... puppies count. I have two myself.
Marcie... your puppies don't count. Has to be human!
said it best: It's getting hot in here, so hot, so take off all your clothes.
Kholi, This is so nice. Time slowed for me as I read it. Thank you.  
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