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yay choice! see, cuz choice is something for ALL THE HUMANS!
From a wordpress site reporting on this issue:   For folks wishing to make some noise around this..Here are some addresses and phone numbers Bartow High School Principal Ronald Pritchard / Address: 1270 S Broadway Ave Bartow, FL 33830 / EMAIL: PHONE:(863)- 534-...
I am so pissed off about this. Maybe she just should've played with a gun, ya know, that would've been FINE accordingly to Florida standards (cough-George Zimmerman-cough). I want to figure out how to help this young girl return to school.
I love her nonchalant, matter-of-factness (as well as the way she respects the questions with "that's a great question"). This is how gender should be discussed, cooly, matter-of-factly, as a way to disarm even the most gender-policing of persons. It's great to see our community evolve on these...
and...the immigration bill has been delayed:
no, she was speaking in front of the crowds outside the supreme court. not inside; her lawyer argued her case completely.
Vulture released its on Shosh video today:
I've never heard of her until yesterday....seems she's not one to keep in mind, at any rate.
Great round-up Moon! I heard CNN's coverage of the rape trial was equally appalling—like everyone has forgotten that these boys raped her for hours on end, dragged her around town, etc. This whole BS of "oh i didn't mean to" is like "really? The sheer duration of the raping and consequential cover-...
I completely see that...again, there is an economic component to this that makes the racism explicit -- I think drawing this connection out more would help other queers see the relevance and pertinance to their lives.
i coincidentally had a little break between classes yesterday and hopped into the JCREW at columbus circle.... all of their V-neck sweaters and blouse's look like stuff that Edie Windsor would wear....and does wear. Ie, maybe when I'm an 80 year old lesbian with a house on the Cape look.
my students last night said that a documentary is already planned for release but the Vatican is trying to block it.
Fattums is sitting in my lap as I type this!
HA! This photo was strategically taken at a location a solid 80 miles south of the Fattums Snaggletooth Ranch.
yes, we do! the feeling of it just spontaneously hit me as i was walking down the street.... thanks for reading, Kate!
Well, as KAJ notes in his piece, 56% of the audience is male and 22% are "dudes over 50." This doesn't necessarily mean that he's one of those dudes -- in fact, because he seems so insightful in general -- I wouldn't be suprised if he just watched the donald glover clips from eps 1 and 2 and wrote...
and she's on NPR/WNYC right now!
This Thursday is going to be EPIC.
Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention, Not2Taem! I will watch her show now!
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