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You know only those two could actually pull off those jokes. It makes me love Tina Fay even more.
Thanks. She is a powerful woman.
there are all kinds of rumors going on about what is happening to adele. But this article might explain it more.
I just saw that and I was like "Oh No, I'm a dork" All fixed. thanks for pointing it out.
yeah what she said.
I want one.
I'm sure they do. I can ask crystal for you and then get back to you. Better yet look on their site.
I just watched the first 6 minutes of true blood and i cant wait for it to come out.
1. I like tacos 2. I play my Nintendo DS all the time (when I'm not working) 3. I read books on my Kindle when I ride the train 4. I like to wear bow ties 5. I like to watch tv shows with strong female leads (Bones, Fringe, etc.)
Facing Death: Welcome to the Afterlife by Stephen Knapp  
it was a long night sorry
A friend of mine has it and I played it on her ipad.  but I never got into it.
You know I would laugh about jumping into a fountain but when I first saw one I was tempted.
lol well maybe not so PG-13 but you know I am having a great time
hey check out this link. You can find it here.
I love angry bird. Have you tried trucks and skulls?
I am having a lot of fun. But everything is PG13 promise.
Well I am here for work but there is another reason why. I can e-mail you about it? And when you say get around I hope you mean travel
There is going to be more of the interview tonight on TRMS plus she is going to be talking about the Americans that support him.
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