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I went vegan in September of 1992 and came out about two months later, right before (and because of) the Bush/Clinton election. I've been some shade of vegan or vegetarian ever since (probably going back to vegan in the near future). I credit k.d. lang as my inspiration on both. My father had no...
I'm glad Cam finally got the bangs out of her eyes. Nice to see her face. The vid takes on a whole new tinge now that we officially know they are banging each other. Cool song.
It hasn't been very romantic at all. I moved in on Saturday and my fridge stopped working that night. Lots of little things to contend with on top of getting used to the space. Thank you SOOO much for tossing some coins in the hat. Deeply appreciated.
I think I feel the same way. 
When it's all said and done, they all add up to something... or somewhere.
Someone else said that last week, too. Peripatetic - what a great word!  (Another totally unrelated great word today was opprobrium.) 
That's fantastic.
Yeah, I've been a Vp slackerr for the past many months. Always an adventure happening somewhere near me.
Aiming for Ashland in the springtime. I love it up there.
If only I were that industrious.
It's an interesting contemplation. Was talking about it with a friend yesterday and the second piece of the equation is having someone to share it all with -- again, not necessarily a romantic partner. But, still, just someone to bear witness to the moments, to listen to the stories. Like that....
Thanks, pal! Tripping the light fantastic...
So glad you're digging it. I need  to find a re-entry puzzle, too. I actually credit a puzzle and Shawn Colvin's "Steady On" for possibly saving my life one weekend in the early '90s. Such is the power.
On my last round-about in 2009, I did some WWOOFing. It's good fun. 
Try a spoonful of nut butter when you need a protein snack. Does the trick for me.
(see below)
Exactly! On both accounts.
How dare you call shenanigans on my kinesiology experience! Hey, I was as shocked by the result as anyone would be. I don't know if you've ever had muscle testing done, but you really can't game it, at least I've not been able to. As for the woman at your office... as with any nutritional program,...
Radical changes ARE a set up. Don't ever put absolute restrictions on yourself or you will rebel. I just watched a documentary on Netflix about obesity. You got it absolutely right when you wrote that the bad stuff is cheaper. They cited a little study a guy did where he compared how many calories...
My pleasure.
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