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I wish I could attend a ButchVoices conference and I kick myself for not going to Dallas (from Austin) last year--I haven't been able to find a word about another regional conference there for this year. I'm all over Córdova's caucus title: “Exploring Our Masculinities While Keeping Our Feminisms...
Masculinity without misogyny. Masculinity without misogyny. We gotta make this a possible world, people. slakjfhgdsklfh I had to stop after 19 seconds of Camille Paglia. Way too many.
I'm just gonna say it: I think the world is ready now for Maddow to get a hair cut every two weeks and to wear a collared shirt and blazer at the same time.
Ugh gawd why is Eric Schmidt doing this interview? Excruciating. Why TF does he "skip the rest" right at the lesbian gym owner part?? Ugh.
This is totally rad.
Hang gliding!
http://monthlyinfo.com/ It sends me an email that says "There will be blood."
i lovvve it
Some of us can be what we can't see. That's exactly how more representations become possible: some of us lean on the edges of the possible until they distend to make room for us. I like this kind of work, this making more possibilities available; it's what in ancient rhetoric is aptly called "...
I kind of reel at the last few seconds of this. After my last year in college I went through some standard activist burn out, but it was preceded by a more geologically scaled confrontation / assault with the God of my understanding  and the people who stole him from me. That is, I attended a...
I love this: I gave it to God, and you know what? He gave it back. Give it up to get it back to give it away.
I totally want the Professor to send me the hand-made book jackets!
I see you driving round town with the girl i love and I’m like: haiku
Gay S L!
Rad picture!
When this shit get "implemented" can there please be some gay ol' coming out parties for our servicemembers?
“There will never be a full accounting of the heroism demonstrated by gay Americans in service to this country. As the first generation to serve openly in our armed services, you will stand for all those who came before you, and you will serve as role models for all those who will come after you.”
Thanks for writing about this. I have seen the version of the film circulating on YouTube, and didn't know it wasn't identical to the version removed from Hide/Seek. I think this incident is very revealing of the same web of institutional power that, it seems to me, Wojnarowicz's film was...
Gays are the only ones to best a Republican filibuster threat in like, forever?
Wonderful, and hilarious. Can't wait for to read the whole thing!
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