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You're sweet.
Send it to who ever you want! They're free. Free love babies, free love...
Whee! One of my faves! hehehe
Mainly because, I'm seriously uneducated. I'll admit it. I know little to nothing about the LGBTQ movement from the early 70ies, (aside from what I've been able to glean from popular cinema) and although I'm probably a little bit older then the demographic Sarah Schullman had a big boner hate on...
Secret? I don't really wear glasses... I was trying to look hip and smart. lol
I figured... got the premium, ought to put up the premium pic.
I'm going to do this... <3  
you are not alone - my co-workers were asking what planet I was living on because someone said she was in jail and I said "What, why is she in jail?"
I want "Hot, rockin' fuckin' shit."
I think I just learned more in 6 minutes and 47 seconds then I've learned in my entire life... in a number of subjects and categories lol! Seriously! I could spend hours listening to Lynnee. Thanks for introducing us. (funny role play)
Someone make her walk the plank. Seriously! ARRRRrrrg!
listen to them bang from outside the room... for now.   Now, how do I put this... I don't want to sound like a prude... But that fucking on camera for "realz" shit, really bothered me. Luckily I don't live in LA and would never accept money to let people into my private life to listen to me...
on what they're telling me to do and how fast they expect me to go.
Thao's music. I had to google David Eggers. (Sorry, I live in a vaccum) Nice post on Dianna Agron
a dyslexic. <3
someone finally said something... but it still took too long. People get mad and scream at strangers for less in traffic for crying out loud!
I have a feeling they're gonna shoot one of the lesbians... Seriously? Arizona doesn't want to have a baby (her alter ego - Jessica Capshaw is infact pregnant) So either... they have fun filming around that, kill her off or they kill off Cali Torres (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona has a baby to keep...
I love your avatar. lol
By all the sucky news, then there's this. Can you seriously get all that from lego? Why did I waste all my money on gum when I was a kid...
It's great to be gay! lol
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