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The original Music Pink and Blue:   Also - you might enjoy: (and if that don't make you flushed... I don't know what will)
I remember the day my friend first played me some George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. I bought the last SJ and the Dap Kings album - played it for some older family members... like you said, they had no idea they were contemporary. They loved it.
hhahahahahah *gasp* ahahahahahahahah   Crowlter... BAHAHAHAHHAHAhhha *cry* hahahaha
I was thinking the same thing! Looks like we're gonna be getting into a bit of of trouble...
First post!  
kinda weird how they never made eye contact. Don't cats like to do the stare down?Poor turtle, I feel ya.   cute vid.
I actually really didn't take much time on the earlier ones. Mainly because they were just for my friends. Once I started getting a little more serious then it kind of developed into a style. I was sloppy in the beginning. Making coloring pages is like sex - the more you do it the more skilled......
This week my cousin's five year old son said "Mum, ~my family nick name~ and dad are a couple of dudes hey?" And then when I said "what was that?" he didn't want to tell me because he thought I'd get mad. Depending on how they're raised, kids can be either - a. really intuitive and sensitive or b....
well spoken and articulate. Thank you for sharing this.
Great Interview. I hope the U.S. Government repeals DADT and you are able to continue on a path you so genuinely wanted to pursue and are so obviously committed to. Way to stick to your integrity.
They're pretty G hey? PG... from the R.
site is made up of Sags, isn't it...   lol
Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I hope we continue to hear from you and of your journey. *hugs*
I also liked his story. I don't blame him one damn bit.
I think I'd do whatever she told me to do if she sang to me like that....
Start the coloring revolution Karrr!
Thanks Grace! I feel honored to have my pages featured on VP I'll probably start adding new pages at the end of the month/begining of September. I've been on Hiatus for a little.
Figured someone'd like that comment. lol   Saddly, just mother nature's.
I need to start my day standing on the sink counter... although, when I fall gravity has a much higher pull and I'll be saying "I can heal my broken hip BETTER then GOOD! Better than ANYBODY!"   She's cute, I love her hair too.
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