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dear Alexis Clements, as a journalist i've covered the scene for 20 years in SF & would be delighted to participate.
dear Editor, at the San Francisco Zoo, the guy behind the counter at the gift shop making lattes grew up at the foot of Angkor Wat. very sweet fellow. your roving reporter  
thank you for the report. this action and reaction aren't being covered in the "media". it's so great people are doing this. what's the proactive antidote to "mace" ?
i detect a slight lack of factual detail. was it consensual? did it kill her or cripple her? yogis do similar things. she looks like she's in pretty good shape otherwise. nice arms.
the filmed versions are tripe. she's a great writer who deserves to be READ. i'd say more but it'd be a blog.
you also have the world's greatest journalist under house arrest WITHOUT CHARGES. up the Magna Carta!
from the looks of your profile picture, you're the subject of a flashback.
if all were well in the world, would we need these Spiritual Masters & Mistresses?
you're just precisely spiritual enough. i'm on an Agatha Christie BINGE. i'll be blogging about it soon if i'm not careful. i always feel when i start to comment it's actually a BLOG coming on. how are things in Old Blighty?
holly hughes, i'm just waking up on the West Coast — we're always just waking up on the West Coast — but thank you for hyperlinking Augusto Boal and Tribe 8 in the same sentence.
dear prof C — thanks for the LOVE NOTE — i love feeling loved — i guess i'm having trouble maintaining a committed BLOG — it's like i've got so much to write about it's TOO MUCH — so thanks for holding up the Butch Side of Things, or whatever it is you do exactly. —
that's so cool you were there. love photo of you in foreground, mere president in bg.
is it me or is this web stie slow to load? by the time the box comes up i've forgotten my bon mot. anyway, it's been a hard slog, Cage, but if i'm complaining, i must be feeling better. yeah, film does *appear* to breathe life into me but alas, film is "dead life," so not sure if it counts. let's...
"the didacticism that narrative film often exudes" — ain't it the truth.
hey, would you explain the verb "slating" as in the following headline from the Express: COMMANDER OF US AFGHAN FORCE FIRED FOR SLATING BARACK OBAMA
steph old thing, good to see you too. thanks for commenting. i find blogging pretty nervewracking in terms of chitchat. i guess i feel the same way about parties. which is why i write. only blogging changed the nature of that retreat. do you realize you can actually visit Shibden Hall, Anne Lister'...
what's the significance of this moment — world axis, whirled access?
what's wrong with a little rudeness? i could use some more syllables per word, some imagination in the viscera, it's true. thanks for trying to make peace, M'sota
it's the self-obsession that keeps us coming back. oops. i mean, *cumming* back.
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