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me too - that was the most remarkable thing about it 
haha, warm glow of bromance. poetic 
looks cool! 
this is great. i like "oldest state." that's the worst they could find for iowa?
shoot, is there a way i can see it even though i missed it on friday? 
omg, this was so good and i am buying the barb johnson tomorrow. also enjoyed the cut to diana laughing! i hope this becomes a regular thing on the site (and thx for the shoutout!)! 
nice blog jessa! it's interesting to hear about what it's like for the girls in other cities. i hope new moon becomes more diverse and busy eventually...it sort of sucks that the "femme seekers" have to resort to straight bars! 
Oh my god, this story defines poignant and Diana is such a compelling reader. Wish I'd been at this one! 
It Gets Better is a great project with great intentions. The resulting ripple effect seems to be making a real difference. Thanks for writing this! 
Their happiness just radiates from the pictures! So lovely. 
Columbia does a fabulous job supporting the community, better than at any campus I've ever stepped foot on. The leaders of the group were fantastic and the participants were equally wonderful. I quoted the kid in the "day of silence" shirt because I think everything he said that day was brilliant...
Listen, the way I see it, Lady Gaga's "crazy image" is indeed hurting our cause, but perhaps I harped on that for longer than necessary; my sense of outrage comes from the obviousness that she's using our cause to embellish her image and advance her infamy. But for her sake, considering we didn't...
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