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ps.  i need this pic!!!!!!!!!  shemail it to me plzzzzzz!!!!  : )  xoxo
awesome <3
i can't fucking stand it.  this picture is so adorable.. it's so fucking cute, it hurts!!!!!!!!  my face actually HURTS from smiling so hard!!!!  <3
ahahahahahaha!!!!  : )
omg, i LOVE erika lopez! xoxo
love you!  have fun on your special day! xoxo love, chinchilla xx
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tex, you so sweet i wanna squeeze you and put you in my tea  xoxo
but seriously, there is no one who appreciates home cooking more - even the simplest things.  especially the simplest things xx  oh, and she always brings wine.  or kale salad xx    : )
she also shows up HOURS early, and makes you feel bad cuz she's starving...  ; )
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