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that's a good question, guys; since this is my first time going, I can't answer with any certainty, but I will say that everyone who has ever told me about burning man or asked me to come to burning man has been a woman. I shall report back from the playa!
apparently my resident videographer-beaver gave me a wonky embed code. sorry, dudes! but if you click through to the kickstarter page (w/ the link at bottom of page), you can watch it there. 
yeah, I thought that code looked really wonky when I sent it to you...oh well!
I'm sorry you felt I was being condescending in my response (and thanks, guys, for sticking up for me here); I certainly meant no disrespect. But I do disagree with you. I think you are wrong. I am expressing my own opinion here, as are we all, and in my world, coming from an academic background,...
hey guys,   yeah, I see that too-- just emailed the fairies to fix it. Meanwhile, here's the link to the vid on the media education foundation homepage:
the point is not whether or not it's a legitimate concern. the point is that it's too late to stop a national conversation from happening. it's already happening. skelton's remarks are part of that conversation. we are discussing the possibility of repealing DADT; we are discussing gay marriage....
why thank you moon! (and I'm glad you said graduated and not attended...otherwise we'd have to include barbara bush, heheh)
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