SMBrown's comments

That gays can now join "imperialist armies" certainly puts a whole new spin on the repeal of DADT. Must read this book--I'm fascinated by all the implications of the concept of 'pinkwashing.'  Kudos to Sarah for calling Israel out on this.
Her firing is an outrage!  We need a petition for this and a boycott of the TV station.  Going to find their FB page right now and give them a piece of my mind.
Yup, that special election against Coakley happened so quickly most people never got to see the prick side of him.  I'm loving every minute of him sabotaging himself.  Of course even if he loses he may get another shot if Kerry is appointed Sec. of State.  But the fact that he will...
Brown's finally morphed back into the jerk he was as a state rep.  Pretty dumb to flush the only thing he had going for him, his 'likability,' down the toilet, but he has done it in spades.  Glad to see others pick up on his debate line because I was screaming at my TV when he said it.
Hmm....I dunno.  I mean Kate looks SO darn happy.
Liz was great--hoping she gets a bit of a bump in the polls.  She and Senator Centerfold are still neck-and-neck here in the polls, with independents breaking for him.  Independent MEN of course...
Every single analyst I saw during and after the convention said something to the effect of "I've seen her speak many times and I've NEVER seen something even remotely like that from her."  I'm thinking it's CurrentTV-inspired--who knew Al Gore could have that effect on a woman? (except Tipper...
That may be the best bit of prose she's ever written.
I was gonna say that too.  
Where's the footage of her at the liquor store, cuz she sounds off-her-face. Oh, and based on Slicey's comment--definitely gauche.
Truth be told she would have hated today's atheists too--unless they worshipped the Almighty Dollar.
Methinks they need to do a reunion tour this fall.  :) I guess Ryan's only a Catholic when it comes to things like abortion and women's reproductive rights.  Otherwise he's a pedal-to-the-metal Randian, and more Catholics need to call him out on it.  
Nice point about Palin having more political savvy than Mittens, though that doesn't actually make her smarter in general... I'm really hoping the video of Ryan mocking a 71-year-old man--who questioned Ryan's stance on Social Security--while his security goons handcuffed him on the ground goes...
It's not a Euro vaca UNLESS you get stuck behind a herd of goats, dontcha know... Perfect blending of travelogue and history lesson, complete with a rap on the knuckles to keep the history-challenged alert!   You lucky dogs you... p.s. I'm stealing 'wrong-o'
Haha!  Thanks for the article!
Couldn't  happen to a nicer guy--he's a total misogynist.  Now he knows what it's like to be on the other side of hate.  Will it change him? Doubtful.  He's a Republican after all.
Love the fact that he made this announcement to Robin Roberts!  
Haha!  Love it!  :)  
I've never watched Fox, but I recognize this woman as a frequent guest on John McLaughlin's show.  Typical no-nothing twit who wouldn't have a job if it weren't for the low standards at Fox. And I second your WTF!  
Yeah, tell me about it!  But this move doesn't create any new positions, just keeps the same writers hanging on by a toe.  I suppose they could claim they're 'preserving' jobs, but first I'd like to see what the CEO of Here, and all the corporate mucky-mucks, are pulling down in salary...
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