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I love seeing her give interviews. She is always so well-spoken. Great interaction with the media here; we need more education about gender and more "celebrating difference" out in the world. Would love to see more of this on mainstream media.
You're right about the lesbro/girlfriend. The brunette is Sarah Huffman, fellow soccer player and gf/fiance? of Abby. Or, just her "roommate" depending on your take on things. I'm not sure who the blonde is. Apparently Abby takes her gold medal out with her 'cause it "gets her free stuff." I think...
+21 years... Very interesting. Those of us who are late-month Virgos don't always mesh up with some of the more classic virgo traits - I really like this precise reading.  
Grace, Thanks for the article. I'll be in NYC this weekend and now have something on my "to do" list. Yay!
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