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Friday News Wrap

Friday News Wrap

After pleading guilty to 11 counts yesterday, Bernie Madoff was remanded to custody by the judge. He is being held in the Metropolitan Correction Center while he awaits sentencing. Investigators are now looking into whether Madoff acted alone.

Tim Kretschmer, the teen gunman who killed 15 people in Germany on Wednesday, apparently suffered from depression. Officials investigating an Internet posting that was alleged to be from Kretschmer found it to be a hoax, and have now arrested two other pranksters in France and Germany.

Maine's legislators are so jostling to get their names on a same-sex marriage bill that the normal limit had to be lifted to accommodate the 60 co-sponsors. In nearby Vermont, a coalition of 200 clergy members has stepped up to support the passage of full gay marriage in their state. Meanwhile in Iowa, the bill put forth to make marriage gender-neutral has now been removed from the agenda. Maryland is also witnessing a battle between parties on both sides of this issue.

New climate change information suggests a five-foot rise in ocean levels by the century's end which would flood coastal sections of major cities like San Francisco. The National Research Council claims the United States is wholly unready to meet this and other climate change challenges. On top of that, a new Gallup poll indicates some 41% of Americans are skeptics and think that claims of climate change are exaggerated.

Ten children, ages 2 to 7, were accidentally served windshield wiper fluid rather than Kool-aid at an Arkansas day care center. One child remained hospitalized as of Friday morning while the center's owner surrendered her license.


The U.S. Army is squeezing the last strains of life out of Don't Ask, Don't Tell by firing 11 soldiers in January alone.

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart and Mad Money's Jim Cramer engaged in a little back-and-forthing this week after Stewart took CNBC to task over their irresponsible financial reporting. The skirmish culminated with Cramer's appearance on The Daily Show last night where, by most accounts, Stewart mopped the floor with him.

Anna Nicole Smith's former boyfriend and doctor were charged with “conspiracy, unlawfully prescribing a controlled substance and prescribing, and administering or dispensing a controlled substance to an addict” in the case of her death by overdose.