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Boob Tube: Top 10 Sexiest L Word Moments

Boob Tube: Top 10 Sexiest L Word Moments

So The L Word’s sixth and final season is about to come to a close and all throughout the lesbian nation there seems to be a mingled sense of relief and despair at our impending loss. As I have been one of many folks picking apart the hot mess that is the show these days, I thought it would be fun to focus this week on the one thing that Mama C and co. have unfailingly gotten right: sheer sexiness.

Let’s face it, even when the storylines have been incoherent, inconsistent and downright difficult to swallow, ‘the sexy’ has long been this show’s saving grace. In the spirit of celebrating our shared legacy of hotness, available to us forevermore through the wonder of DVD and Interwebs technology, I give you The Top 10 Sexiest L Word Moments.

10. Marina and Jenny, Bathroom Seduction, Season One
Like a freefall down the proverbial rabbit hole, it was this scene that first sucked so many of us in. Marina’s passive-aggressive handsy-ness and that gobsmacked, deer-in-the-headlights expression of Jenny’s will go down in history as ushering in a new golden age of dyke drama.


9. Tina and Bette, Cheatin’ Ho Sex, Season Five
Good God are these two boring, but when they started sneaking around behind everyone’s back last year, exchanging all those longing glances and finally giving in to their rekindled passion? Yeah. Hotness ensued. Enhancing the sexy factor was the fact that this was clearly a new Tina, sure of herself and her desires and ready to take what she wanted.


8. Bette and Nadia, Hot For Teacher, Season Four
You remember the scene I’m talking about. The one in the car? Bette turns to her incorrigibly flirtatious TA, exasperated, and says her name. And the next thing you know they’re all over each other. All that was missing was a schoolgirl skirt and a riding crop. Oops. Did I say that out loud?


7. Alice and Dana, Their First Time, Season Two
Who could forget Alice and Dana’s first romp amidst the gift bags for Dana’s impending bridal shower, and set to the lovely disco strains of CeCe Peniston? It was the perfect marriage of screwball comedy and hotness, the latter deftly taking over when the scene shifted to the two of