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Cast Your Vote: Vp's Douchebag o' the Week!

Cast Your Vote: Vp's Douchebag o' the Week!

Today I am rebelling against my bosom friend Amy Miller's recent declaration that perhaps it's time to retire the word "douchebag." In that spirit, I offer you Vp's first ever official Douchebag o' the Week award! That's right, Parkers. You actually get to VOTE on this! (And yes, this is what counts as a political blog around here when Moon's out of town. Ahahahaha.)

The candidates:

#1: Jennifer Keeton

The Augusta State counseling student is STILL trying to sue her school for not allowing her to counsel gay patients by telling them they are "sexual deviants." After the school threatened to expel her if she didn't stop bullying her queer patients, she took her case to the courts only to have a federal judge rule last Friday that her personal religious beliefs do not trump "the judgment-free zone of a professional counseling situation." One would think that this might put an end to the matter, but no... she's appealing the ruling throwing out her case on the grounds that her religious freedoms still far outweigh any "academically legitimate" reasons for not being a homophobic douchebag in a clinical setting.

#2: Target Corp.

The giant retailer, who were in talks with the HRC to make amends for their $150K donation benefitting anti-marriage equality Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, suddenly backed out of negotiations last week officially stating that they thought it was "best to wait" and do... well, we're not sure exactly, because they didn't say. In their most recent statement, company officials said they will "continue to seek thoughtful ways to demonstrate the strong support for inclusiveness that we have held throughout our history." Perhaps that's why they've been running this would-be adorbs commercial featuring identical triplets (including a sweet, baby-dykey tomboy) and set to the song "Free To Be You and Me" by Marlo Thomas. Only every time that ad comes on, I don't feel very encourated to be "free to be me" by my former favorite superstore. How about you?

#3:The Obama Administration











As if the foot-dragging on his campaign promise to end DADT isn't bad enough, President Obama and his advisors have now contradicted their own weak position on marriage equality. The President purports to still be against gay marriage in favor of civil unions, but he came out last week supporting Judge Walker's ruling that declared Prop 8 to be unconstitutional under the equal protection clause of the 14th ammendment. As pointed out so succintly by New Republic editor Richard Just yesterday, if there was ever a perfect time for Obama to grow a pair and just come out in support of marriage equality, DUDE, now would be it. Plus, I'm still a little effed off about the White House officials who've been bad-mouthing gay bloggers for being "overly critical" of the lack of progress the administration has made so far on our issues. As Pam Spaulding fired back, we're just taking the President up on his exortation to "hold me accountable.

Got it? You decide! You can even write in your own answer if I've omitted your favorite douchey nominee for the week. Voting ends Thursday at noon, and the results will be announced Friday.