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Linux, Anyone?

Linux -What is there to recommend it? Open Source software to begin with. That means it's free. there are opensource software programs for nearly everything one might want to do with a computer. 

I use a piece of software called KDE, which makes everything happen on WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) desktops. (That was before Microsoft Windows.)

There is Open Office, which one can download fro the Windows Environment as well, if one has not the money to pay Microsoft every time one wants to write a letter. It comes with Write, Draw, Base, Calc and Impress.

I use an instant messenger program called Pidgin, also free, which gets along just fine with everything but, you guessed it, Hotmail IM.

I have Multimedia programs, Graphics programs, Utilities to fill my every need, and best of all, I have command line interface(CLI), which lets me do as much as, and in many cases, a lot more than Windows.

I'm not here to argue the merits and limitations of Windows. For many users, it is the easiest way to work.  If one is a power user, however, Linux makes your life a whole lOT easier. When I used Windows, I found it to be self problem generating, as well as a data collection system fro the Microsoft Corporation, reporting back every time it connected to the mothership about what sites I visited, what I bought and from where, what games I played. This enabled Microsoft to more closely gear their advertising to my interests, as well as assemble quite a lot of personal information.

My first personal computer was a Macintosh Plus. It still runs, and is older than many of the people I know, vintage 1985.  I use it mostly for games and home network. My desktop Dual Core with the AMD chip is holding up just fine. As I am unlikely to be doing any CAD work, it is perfect for my needs.

I have a friend, a SysAdmin, who runs security for the systems of huge corporations from his old laptop, which runs Linux.

How do you use Linux?