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Anthony Weiner’s Greatest Hits

Anthony Weiner’s Greatest Hits

Anthony Weiner must not resign!

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about because you don't have a TV or the internet or a Smartphone and haven't been outside of your house for the past several weeks, here is a timeline of this remarkably salacious event called Weinergate. Go ahead and read it. We'll wait for you….

And, we're back… did you get that part at the end about Democrats calling for him to resign?

Let me get this straight… David Vitter repeatedly and illegally uses the services of prostitutes and is exposed as a diaper wearing pervert. Newt Gingrich cheats on every wife he's ever had including his first wife while she was dying of cancer. For the record, he hasn't cheated on his current wife yet, but he will because he must and it is America's fault. Larry Craig tap tap taps his little feet off in an airport bathroom trying to get some gay sex from an undercover cop. John Ensign coerces the wife of his best friend and former chief of staff into having an affair that she didn't want, and then has his parents pay off the couple to silence them.

The common thread is that each of the people I've mentioned are politicians who have been caught up in sex scandals and none of them were forced or even asked to resign for their dalliances. Gingrich is running for President, Ensign only recently resigned due to an ethics investigation and Vitter is still in office. I could go on all day on this subject, but I'll point you toward a wonderful segment that Rachel Maddow did on Republican hypocrisy on this topic. I'll go even further in saying that this is not just a Republican problem. There was no notable Democratic call for their resignations either.

Despite their silence in previous sexual scandals, Democrats are now inexplicably piling on and calling for Weiner's resignation. I'm completely perplexed by this. I haven't heard a single coherent argument yet about why he should resign. Anthony Weiner has been one of the most effective advocates for progressive causes that we've seen in many decades. For those who sanctimoniously charge that he should