We Are the 99%...Without Judith Butler Tix

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We Are the 99%...Without Judith Butler Tix

Yesterday, 7 November, marked preeminant queer theorist and #OWS attendee Judith Butler's first lecture of the 2011 Mary Flexner Lecture series at Bryn Mawr College. She'll deliver two more talks this month, every Monday through 21 November. These three lectures will draw from her most recent work, tentatively titled Gender Politics, Alliance, and the Right to Appear, and will take place in the McPherson Auditorium, Goodhart Hall, on the Bryn Mawr campus. 

Want tickets? Yeah, so does every homolabian on the east coast—meaning that all tix to all three lectures have already been reserved. But, to register for the wait list and for information about possible seating availability on the nights of the lectures go to the Flexner website. Apparently, if ye still want to go for the chance of getting a glance at Butler, there's going to be an "overflow simulcast" room set up during each talk for nerds of all walks of life to drool over JB's genius.

And, nota bene, east coasters, Butler is apparently moving from UCal Berkeley to Columbia U—but this is unconfirmed academidyke gossip for the moment.....

Here are the deets on her lecture series:


Nov. 7 “Gender Politics and the Right to Appear”
Examines how the right to appear challenges certain conceptions of the public sphere, and why gender and sexuality are crucial for thinking about what counts as public, and whose actions are considered political.

Nov. 14 “Bodies in Alliance & the Politics of the Street”
Offers a way to think about political mobilization that does not stay restricted to the specific interests of a given identity. Rehearsing the important distinction between “queer” politics and gay-and-lesbian-rights frameworks, Butler asks whether there can be a mobilization for the right to marry without a critique of the institution of marriage, or a right to serve in the military without a critique of contemporary forms of militarization.

Nov. 21 “Toward an Ethics of Co-Habitation”
Butler argues that without the right to appear in public, populations become precarious, deprived of legal recognition and enfranchisement, but also subject to social and psychic forms of injury. “If we consider the precarity of populations who suffer deprivations such as these, we are confronted with “queer” – in the sense of unexpected – alliances,” writes Butler.


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WebDilettante's picture

You might still get in!

The doors open for each lecture at 6:30 p.m., and if ticketholders haven't claimed their seats by 7:20, they're available for walk-ins. If you're in the Philadelphia area, it's definitely worth it to come by. You'll probably get in, and even if you don't, you can watch the simulcast -- the last chance to hear this material before the book is published in 2013. 



Marcie Bianco's picture

very tempting....will the

very tempting....will the lectures eventually crop up elsewhere? (like, ideally, youtube?)

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Are you going Doc?

Are you going Doc?

tweet tweet @gracemoon

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no. i am the 99%

no. i am the 99%