Vp Issue 9: "Rachel Maddow Before the Big Time"

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Vp Issue 9: "Rachel Maddow Before the Big Time"

refugees on CNN and they’re like “Rachel, now how does this relate to gay marriage?” It’s also an interesting challenge to have to be so concise on TV, using language to bring people along with you and also to provoke them. People say, “Isn’t it hard to only have three minutes to argue against the death penalty?” But, you don’t rebel against the restraints, you work within them.

And then, you get to have them on your show!

Yes, like there’s a Republican legislator in Maine who has a purportedly ‘pro-gay’ law that disallows women to abort fetuses who are tested positively for the gay gene?! I get to say “Dude, let’s talk about this on air. How are you going to test for the gay gene? What if it changes its mind?” (laughs) I’m all about bringing the bad guy into sharper relief.

I know when I’ve been on TV they force you into the makeup room and pressure you to coat your face.
At first, I said no make-up, but then I saw myself on TV and it was like Nixon debating Kennedy. Now, I say “Okay, do me up like you’d do a dude.” And they’re like “But you’re so pretty, why would you want to look like a man? How about a little lip gloss?” And I’m like “Hey, look. I look this way on purpose!”

Rachel Maddow, Janeane Garofolo
Janeane Garofalo and Rachel Maddow

So, Jerry Springer… People seem kind of angry about that…
Yes, they cancelled Unfiltered on the first anniversary of the show, but my new show is in a good time slot. It has been cleared in LA and NYC, and we’re in 8 of the top 10 markets in the country. I’m really excited about it!

(Susan comes in: “Do either of you want orange-cranberry bread with cream cheese? She pauses. “You know, the one thing I never thought I’d say was that my girlfriend has been replaced by Jerry Springer!”)

I recently heard a right-wing talk show host say that the problem with social security is abortion because we’ve killed 40,000 potential tax payers. It makes me crazy. Do you listen to those guys?
Yes! I don’t enjoy Rush [Limbaugh] because, even though he’s the originator of right-wing talk shows, he has almost become the past. I don’t

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Tosha's picture

great interview!

Wow, thanks for posting that...really well-done and fabulous.   rabid Rachel fan here...actually every literary femme in the world with a love of language who has a thing for brilliant butches probably read this interview already back in 2009...how did i miss it?  so thanks for reposting..

deedee's picture

I Bet

That she did leave a lot of happy heart .

Not2Taem's picture

Rachel/Shane leaves em happy

How much do we love this woman? I just wish she had stuck with her old take on the makeup for TV.


K I T's picture

waring a tie

mm that reminds me of my school time?

i did ware ties  for a while ( not these kinds she is waring though)

but i did ware it loose and i never tucked in my shirt/blouse etc

always draped over my pants ( still do that)