Virgo New Moon: Magic Making

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Virgo New Moon: Magic Making

Sometimes when I look at the astrology for the month ahead I can’t help but say, “Oh. Fuck”. August was one of those months.

I was specifically wary of the conjunction between Mars and Saturn In Scorpio which happens just hours after the new moon in Virgo on Monday, August 25th. I’ve been watching this date for weeks. It’s not enough on its own to cause major havoc but it’s woven in and around some other larger factors that make it significant enough to keep one’s eye on. But it’s not just this conjunction on the same day as the Virgo new moon (a very dark time that is potent and yet a little bewildering as there is no light to see by yet); it’s also the fact that Venus will square both Saturn and then Mars the two days following the new moon.

So I wondered, as we astrologers do, what will this mix bring?

But then Gaza. But then Michael Brown. But then the shit storm of racist remarks on the Facebook feeds. But then the Third Reich-like police force that took to the streets of Ferguson to scare us all back into our air-conditioned homes stalked full of organic coconut ice-cream and alkalized water dispensers. I didn’t see it coming but when it arrived it made unfortunate sense.

Mars is martial. Mars is the warrior. Mars is a sword. Mars, as Robert Hand has said, is meant to serve and protect. But whom is it serving and how is it protecting the whom it is serving? Saturn is cold, disappointing, dower, fearful and self-doubting. Saturn can be overly concerned with maintaining control, cultural norms and the status quo. Mars goes while Saturn halts. The combination can be combustable. The combination can also be brute force that is used to terrorize. Because it is in the secretive sign of Scorpio we can bet our bottom dollar that this is just the beginning of the plans for those tanks and that tear gas.

All we need to do is scratch the surface of civilization to see what is festering underneath it.

And we need to see it. We need to see it and then we need to deal with it, if we don’t want to keep living out the same history over and over