Velvetpark December Horoscope 2013

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Velvetpark December Horoscope 2013

Venus goes retrograde this month, are you ready for a visit from old lovers? Read your forcast for December. [-ed.]

You may have awakened a new chapter around money, finances and sexual expression last month. If not, see what occurs around December 3rd. You are learning to be comfortable in your own skin and hence ask for what you need in intimate partnerships. If you've been feeling a bit lackluster, you will be re-energized mid-month when the planet associated with genius and brilliance, moves forward in your sign. Career-wise, you may reap the benefits of previously set in motion associations OR meet someone who seems important to your professional destiny. Revel in the knowledge of your worth, both personally and in terms of marketability. You are the one to bank on!

Are you embarking on a new chapter in relationships? If not yet, pay attention to potential fireworks on December 3rd. You recent foray into your childhood past allows you to see your current partnership in a new light. You are the director of your own life. A sense of ennui or uneasy fear lifts mid-month when Uranus moves direct in your house of self-sabotage and reveals your true inner strength. Travel, writing and spiritual healing are possible over the coming months and should you desire a trip to a old World city, now is the time to book your airline tickets. Taking on an adventure and reclaiming your self worth go hand and hand and the value received is priceless.

Perhaps your life changed last month in terms of daily routines. If not, set in motion a new diet or healthcare regime pronto as you have the support of the universe to change your everyday life. A lot of the decision hinges on your self-worth as in, do I deserve to feel good? and it seems you have made that choice in your favor. If you experienced a slowdown in your goals or contacts, you can feel a resurgence of energy in your professional associations come mid-month. The more unique the individual or group, the better. Your sexual value also comes up for review and you may discover that conventional ideas have hindered your sexual expression. Now's the time to begin a new chapter around your intimate desires where your opinion matters most!

Matters of the heart take on the highest value at this time. Now that you have sorted through some of your earlier imprints, you are able to fully release to the love that is in your life. You also receive a jump start in your career house as well where innovation and individuality are highly regarded. You get to take a look at lovers past during the Venus retrograde and see how your current partner matches up. Most likely, you have a new and improved, grownup version of relationship. If single, now is the time to
mingle as you can attract an old soul-mate lover. Whether new or old, your lover reflects back to you the person you have become as opposed to who you thought you were.

You've wanted to feel at home for a long time and now you do. It was important that you gave voice to that inner knowing of needing a place to feel secure. New horizons open for writing and travel and it's best that you follow your intuition and passion because that is the source of yours (and God's) brilliance. You may have to set up a new routine in your work life but it doesn't have to be based on consensus expectations. Decide which of the old guard you want to incorporate (scheduling, structure, etc) and ditch the rest. You are the director of your own life and people will respect you for setting up your own rules.

You've given voice to a deeper part of yourself and it has added an attractive maturity to your persona. You realize that you have family wherever you go—at work, play and the virtual community. Now the universe wants you to take a chance on exploring your intimate relationships from a new, more liberating perspective. You may have an old-fashioned idea of love and that is fine. But you must make certain that it is your own desire, not one imprinted by church, family or state.; As with Leo, you must make up your own rules and criteria and in that way, you will draw to you the relationship that creates a healthy foundation for long-term growth.

Last month brought the opportunity for a new chapter around money and love. If you haven't raised your prices or been given a pay increase, you may decide or note this early in the month. Some old professional contacts may have reached out to you and now you realize that your ideas and products do have value. The more solid financial foundation helps you to feel free to explore intimate contacts of a more nontraditional manner. If you are holding back from taking a risk in love, it may be due to family conditioning, which in your case, is pretty conventional and uptight. Decide which of your clans values work for you and which are constricting. A certain depth and reserve are attractive to you, but they should be on your own terms.