USA Women's Soccer Goes for Gold

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USA Women's Soccer Goes for Gold

You have to be blind not to see what the USWNT (US Women National Team) is about to do. August 9th they will take on Japan for Olympic Gold. While this may not mean much to many people it means a lot to fans like me and the team. At the 2011 World Cup the USA faced Japan and lost during penalty kicks. The World Cup game was a battle for both teams with each of them scoring a pair of goal before regulation time finished. It was a sour victory for Japan and left me with a bad taste. 

(Second best is never good enough for Wambach & Solo.)

I've been a football fan since I was 11-years-old when I watched my dad kick around the ball and then asked if he could show me how. Let's just say I was hooked, but this is besides the point. The main point is the US women's team has a chance to stick it to Japan. With Abby Wambach about to set records and Megan Rapinoe hooking the ball into the goal any chance she gets you know that they themselves know how important this game is. (Not to forget Alex Morgan, who did not score since the opening rounds of the Olympic tournament, hooked the ball into the goal against Canada to give the US a win in the semifinal round.)

During the beginning of the tournament there was a lot of talk about the team's defense being sloppy and distracted but I think their playing has effectively shut people up. (Well, there was Hope Solo and her twitter comments (to Brandi Chastain) but I think she was completely justified; I would have said the same thing. She was defending herself and her team. And with players like Christie Rampone, Kelly O'Hara, and Amy LePeilbet holding down the back line there isn't much to say—their skills shine for themselves.

For those who were too busy watching "The Flying Squirrel" (Go Gabby!!!) and Michael Phelps make history, here are a couple highlights from their Olympic Matches:

USA vs France:

Let's just say the first 15 minutes had every loyal fan about to drop dead including myself. This game did nothing for my blood pressure. France score two goals leaving me dumb struck and pissed. I am not sure what broke down at the beginning of the

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Well you were right!

Well you were right!

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