U-Haulin' Lesbians

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U-Haulin' Lesbians

Rumor has it that Tracy Chapman and Guinevere Turner have fallen madly in love this week and will be moving in together this weekend.

Perez Hilton (quoting from the National Enquirer) is reporting:

Singer Tracy Chapman has reportedly started dating L Word star Guinevere Turner. According to the National Enquirer, the pair met earlier this year when introduced by a mutual friend. Their romance "sparked quickly" and they've gotten so serious, they even have plans to move in together! The source says "Tracy & Guin are in love and excited to start a new chapter in their lives"

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goodluck n congratulation :)

sometimes u haul is not effective  ......just enjoy the moment of being together

BuggleM the dmd

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Ahhhhhh!!! Guinevere Turner!!! I watch the Watermelon Woman over and over and over just to see the scene with her and the main character! <SWOONS>

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Thanks... hahaahaaahaaa

I'll use any excuse to watch this for the millionth time!!


Laughing out loud

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Beep-beep!  Smile

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Back at ya :)

Double honk.... squeeze!

Tongue   Tongue

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Gimme a "B"

B - A - R - F

There's a thin line...still...

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those are some trusty news sources...

not that I wouldn't luuuv for this to be true, but perez hilton quoting the national enquirer? yeah, I'm not buying the wedding gifts just yet. we'll have to keep our ears perked for some reliable confirmation tho! they'd make awesome film projects together, I'm sure (like when tracy & alice walker did the warrior marks movie!)

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