ThreeWay: Hot Lesbian Witches

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ThreeWay: Hot Lesbian Witches

don't know how to channel it.

Amy's forays into the occult had more dire consequences than we could have predicted: that Bedazzler will NEVER be the same.

Katie:  What makes you think that?

They actually have classes, which I’m positive I couldn't sit through without laughing.

Katie:  SUCH A GOOD IDEA. Where do you take them?!

Julia: Look up spiritual centers/metaphysical bookstores. There's always classes.

Ummm. I just have a lot of moments of clairvoyance and moments when i think of people and they immediately show up. Stuff like that. I believe I'm psychically connected to a lot of people.

Katie: I'd totally want to do it in a journalistic/expose kind of a way. Not that I'm negating/denying that you have those moments, Amy, I'm just guessing that many of the classes are a total sham.

Amy: Oh, totally. But I'd like to learn how to harness the powers I have.

That makes sense.

Legitimately. That's a good idea, Jules. The bookstore.

I watch TV shows about psychics sometimes. And it breaks my heart because people want to believe SO BADLY. Like, a channel/psychic person will visit a local community center, and say something like, “I feel like someone in this room once lost someone whose first name started with the letter ‘L’” and then no one will say anything, and she's like, “how about ‘T?’”

Amy: Hahaha. K? R? S? Anyone lose a Bob? John?

Katie: And then a sad-looking woman will leap from her chair, suddenly looking alive, and scream, "MY NEIGHBOR'S BROTHER LOST A SON WHOSE NAME STARTED WITH ‘T!!!!’”

Amy: Julia, what do you think about psychics? And powers?

Julia: I think that everyone has at least some latent "psychic" ability, and that we're especially connected to the people we love.

Amy: Right. I like that.

Julia: But yeah, I can't help but be suspicious of the majority of people who try to profit off of those kinds of abilities, and to assume that most so-called psychics are probably frauds.

Amy: So what's the situation with the homophobic holistic healing center, Katie?


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Jenny Aisenberg's picture

oh, lesbian wiccans...

you guys crack me up. I think every teenage lesbo went through a wiccan phase, if not a straight pop-culture witch phase-- even nice Jewish girls like me! seriously, have any of us not read "to ride a silver broomstick?" ...and kept a wiccan journal as Ms. RavenWolf instructs? lol Smile

"We're all born naked. The rest is drag."
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

Tiff's picture


I feel like I'm missing something between pages 3 & 4. Is it possible a line or two was left out?

Also, it's interesting that you brought up women, religion, etc. Just posted this on facebook, today:

Oh, and remember how on an episode of the L Word, Jenny had this theory about lesbians wanting monkeys and straight girls wanting ponies (I def wanted a monkey) as kids? I've had a similar theory about young lesbians wanting to be witches whereas straight little girls want to be princesses. Smile

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