Taking the Stage with The Sister Rosettas

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Taking the Stage with The Sister Rosettas

with special guest Lauren Hennessy

Friday, September 27th at 9:30pm 

 After jumping off a 2 train that was really a 1 train in drag, my best friend and I meandered into 154 Christopher Street. A building that is home to several organizations such as the New Ohio Theatre and the home office of the folks at Heritage of Pride, we found our destination on the third floor. IRT Theatre, “a home for work in progress”, was the perfect backdrop for the evening’s performances, which were raw with passion and enjoyably rough around the edges.

The theatre was packed, with extended seating on the stage to accommodate all attendees.  Lauren Hennessy, winner of ‘Outstanding Excellence in Performance’ award in the NYC 2011 Fringe Festival for her portrayal of ‘Romeo’,  opened the show.  A comedic exerpt of her own one-person show written as a testament of life experiences, I laughed out loud as she portrayed the antics of an ‘ex-gay’ instructor of a support group for LGBT students at college.   Pointing to obviously nonsensical dilemmas and foreshadowed sexual tensions, Lauren warmed up the crowd through bouts of laughter and engaging stage presence.  Shortly after, the stage lit once more as The Sister Rosettas took the floor.

Diana Oh took the mic with nonchalance, casually addressing the audience like old friends.  Taking us back to July 2013, she leaned in and started recalling what seemed to be an everyday experience with strangers in New York.  However, as she and Eric Miranda recount the conversation, it turns into the tale of how they met by strictly circumstance and eventually gather together to form band.  Mixing comedy and a completely endearing narrative about the lives of each of the members of The Sister Rosettas, Diana made the stage lively and inviting while articulating the past, present and identity politics all in one night. 

All photos taken by Cristy Yeung

The music, which was a mix of rebellious punk, rock and heavy guitar riffs that made me and the other folks sitting nearby nod our heads with approval, smirking at the eclectic sound.  Front guitarist Eric Miranda, whose musical background includes world-touring Ming Dynasty among other groups and affiliations, was impressive and creative with his vocals and guitar solos throughout the show. 


Using bubble guns to both enthrall and engage the audience, the set transformed 4 songs in, becoming a wonderland defined by Diana's unique vocal range.  Creating laughter with her lyrics while captivating us with her sexy yet defiant stances, the crowd leaned in truly enjoying the performance as it rocked on.  By interacting with the audience and each other, The Sister Rosettas stole the show through their passionate love of music and connection with one another.  It was refreshing to see the look of bliss and satisfaction on their faces throughout the set, reviving the dying embers of the live performance culture of New York so infatuated with crowd sizes and paychecks.  

If you ever get the chance to see The Sister Rosettas take the stage, seize the day.  Not only will you have the opportunity to enjoy great music, you will laugh, smile and fall in love with the pop-punk, rock music scene all over again.