Surprises in New York

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Surprises in New York

I'm drunk in the backseat of a cab last weekend, glancing out the window and the night is all dark. Suddenly out of the dark, on some kind of island in the middle of the water, I see a decaying gothic castle. This castle is kind of frightening and starkly lit up, the only bright building in the very black nighttime. It is huge. It's electrifying in its creepiness. Turns out it's an abandoned hospital on Roosevelt Island




WHY I LOVE NEW YORK: You think you know it like the back of your hand, and then you find out it's still full of so many secrets. 

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How is that a secret?

It's a huge structure at the end of Roosevelt Island.  If you travel the FDR south of 69th street, you can't miss it.

Oh yes, NY has many untold mysteries, but I wouldn't consider that one of them.  How about the location of the "sanitarium" upon which "Awakenings" (w/Bobbie D. and Robin Williams) was based.  Right there in da Bronx, I tell ya.  How about the fully self contained Governors Island?  Or the fact that NYC is actually comprised of 32 islands and one penninsula.  This requires 2076 bridges (although many are more like causeways and overpasses).  

Have you visited Wave Hill in the Bronx or the Cloisters in Inwood?

Did you know that all 3 major zoos in NYC are part of th Central Park zoo conservatory (my exterminator told me that --- he's a struggling etomologist).

The now closed Fraunces Tavern was a key spot in the planning of the American revolution.  Wall street used to actually have a wall -- a seawall to be exact, that held back the east river.

Every building you see in lower Manhattan with the Trinity properties symbol is actually owned by the Episcopal church.  The land was given to them by King George the something or other and the church wisely held on to it until it had some value.

Spuyten Duyvil, the small waterway that connects the east and hudson rivers, was originally 5 blocks north of its current location on what is now 230th street in the Bronx.  It was moved in 1895, placing part of Manhattan physically in the Bronx.  That changed quite recently (I think in 2004) so now Marble Hill in officially part of the Bronx.

Speaking of the Bronx, former landstake of Jonas Bronck, it's current spelling, Bronx, did not become official until some time in the 1940s.

Oh, and one more thing about the Bronx -- it's the home of the ONLY dynasty in professional sports!  I'm just sayin'...

There's a thin line...still...

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you need to write a insiders

you need to write a insiders guidebook. Smile

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I'm just wondering why they

I'm just wondering why they light it up at night. 

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me too - that was the most

me too - that was the most remarkable thing about it 

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That would make a great set

That would make a great set for the next vampire tv series.

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MJ, you need to drunk blog more often. Wink

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that is amaziballs. 

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