Stretch, Relax, Breathe: Metatarsals Proprioception Say What?

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Stretch, Relax, Breathe: Metatarsals Proprioception Say What?

I am far, far from Brooklyn right now, at the Michigan Womyns Music Festival. Though I wrote this before I left, I can say with full certainty I AM HAVING A BLAST!

This segment covers how to realign the feet metatarsals and nerve proprioception exercises. Metatarsals and Proprioception say what? Metatarsals is the fancy word for the bones in your feet. And Proprioception is our ability to "perceive" how we are moving, that we are moving, which parts of our body we are moving, and how much effort is being exert to do so.

The nerve proprioception exercises I'm giving you are wonderful to do because they expand the brain, fire the synapses — tell them to work differently and get bigger! Super good for helping concentration and balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Now who doesn't want to be smarter and more balanced?

Shaking your feet in the air really helps to realign the metatarsals of the feet, which helps with plantar fasciitis and many other feet problems. When you are done, stand on flat ground and feel the new space created in your feet. When a metatarsal are out of place, it throws the whole body out into an uneven way — this effects the knees, hips, spine, shoulders and neck.

So get down, kick your legs up, and give them a shake and lets get our brains in balance!

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OMG! I heart you all so

OMG! I heart you all so much!

And Avar I am so glad to hear that!

Next one out soon!

Have a super sparkly day you super sparkly beings!





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metatarsals are intermediate to your tarsals (proximal) and your phalanges (distal)...

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Holy cow, Emily! I have to watch the video twice to LISTEN to what you're saying!  


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No clue what she said!!! Let me know!!!

I LOVE PINK!!!!!! Wink


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Okay, I will.

She always starts out with a CLOSE-UP, and I can't concentrate!  


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This is the time....

for your song!!!!

You know the Jesus one!!!! Wink

Pink forever!!!


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Jesus loves the little children,

All the children of the world....

You are never going to let me live that one down, are you?

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Lol!!! Nope......

not a chance!!! Wink


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The thing for the metatarsals is totally awesome! It is now officially added to my warm up/stretch routine for Taekwondo, getting my feet/ankles loose enough has been a bit of a problem for me. I think this will help me with my kick targeting.

Thanks for sharing!