Sh*t That Makes Friday News

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Sh*t That Makes Friday News

Just when ya thought rapist Dominique Strauss Khan was an open and shut case of a privileged white man taking advantage of his power, turns out if the victim has friends in jail for possession of pot then the rape never happened. Read it on the NY Times then go kick in a wall.

What the Frack! Andrew Cuomo our new Gay Hero just became an environmental nightmare! He lifted the ban on fracking in several counties in upstate New York. Our friend Sabrina Artel has been fighting the frack in her upstate home (the Marcellus Shale region) for the last several years, and has been a part of the movement to stop the environmentally risky process. Marcellus Shale provides water to all of downstate (the Metro area). If you give a shit, and want to keep the new Gov on the side of the Force let him know, not to take the hand of Vader!

Speaking of Star Wars, turns out Roger Ailes has been trying to put a conservative spin on TV ever since the Nixon era! Gwaker does major investigative piece (a newsworthy event in and of itself) on Roger Ailes. "According to a remarkable document buried deep within the Richard Nixon Presidential Library, the intellectual forerunner for Fox News was a nakedly partisan 1970 plot by Ailes and other Nixon aides to circumvent the "prejudices of network news" and deliver "pro-administration" stories to heartland television viewers." (via Gwaker)

p.s. I did not create this graphic someone else can up with the comparison, I merely googled.

In the Arts
Check out the ever-ly socially networked critic, Jerry Saltz's in progress (user interaction invited), "whose who art world family tree", (aka how famous mentors can make you famous):

Carroll Dunham worked for Dorothea Rockburne
Barnaby Furnas worked for Carroll Dunham
Annette Lemieux worked for David Salle
Jacob Kassay worked for Josh Smith
Jackie Saccoccio worked for Christopher Wool
Sarah Morris worked for Jeff Koons
Jennifer Rubell worked for Koons
Tony Matelli worked for Koons
Carl Fudge worked for David Reed
Matthew Weinstein worked for Ross Bleckner
Robb Pruitt worked for Richard Artschwager
Daphne Fitzpatrick worked for Robert Gober
Robert Gober worked for Jennifer Bartlett
Banks Violette worked for Robert Gober
Margaret Lee worked for Cindy Sherman
Rirkrit Tiravanija worked for Gretchen Bender
Udomsak Krisanamis worked for Rirkrit Tiravanija
Brice Marden worked for Robert Rauschenberg
Dorothea Rockburne worked for Robert Rauschenberg
Matt Magee worked for Robert Rauschenberg
Elizabeth Peyton worked for Ronald Jones
Haroon Mirza worked for Jeremy Deller
Matt Keegan worked for Elizabeth Peyton
Gabriel Orozco worked for Antony Gormley
Alexis Rockman worked for Ross Bleckner
Mark Handforth worked for Martin Kippenberg
Jutta Koether worked for Martin Kippenberger
Susan Jennings worked for Cindy Sherman
Robert Melee worked for Marilyn Minter
Ronnie Cutrone worked for Andy Warhol
George Condo worked for Andy Warhol
Rick Prol worked for Jean-Michel Basquiat
Keith Edmier worked for Matthew Barney
Massimiliano Gioni worked for Maurizio Cattelan
Lisa Ruyter worked for Marilyn Minter

the list goes on...

Have a happy 4th everyone!

Comments [5]

SMBrown's picture

I don't think the pot-friend

I don't think the pot-friend is what's torpedoing the case.  Sounds like the woman hasn't been truthful about ANYTHING, and I have to say I no longer believe there was any assault.  I also think this false accusation couldn't have happened to a nicer guy--karmically DSK got what he deserved.  So I don't feel particularly badly for him, but I am PISSED about how this will effect other women and rape cases.  I'm not one for nationalism, but this country gives her asylum (and I know people lie on those apps, and so I don't hold it against her), and she comes here with a fresh start and proceeds to commit tax fraud and god knows what else?  Helluvan example she's setting for her teenage daughter.  And if that daughter happened to be raped and there wasn't clear-cut evidence, she probably just made it harder for a conviction to be won.  I'm disgusted.

Grace Moon's picture

did you read dowd? there was

did you read dowd? there was still physical evidence he raped her and for that the system sucks.

tweet tweet @gracemoon

SMBrown's picture

Yup, I'd already read

Yup, I'd already read her--thought it was a good column.  I guess I should learn from what's already transpired and just withhold judgement until EVERYTHING is on the table.  It's likely, however, that that won't ultimately happen because there's just no way this can go to trial.  Criminal trial, that is. She will probably try to go the civil route, though the recording they allegedly have of her discussing a pay-day from this might torpedo that option as well.  

I'm really glad to see a French woman is pressing charges against DSK for attempted rape in 2002:

Here's the thing that has always rung a bit false to me: clearly this guy is a scumbag, but the outright violence of the alleged attack seems somewhat out of character from the manipulative power other women have said he wielded. I'm not saying it's not possible his MO could have suddenly changed, it's just less likely.

So I guess I don't know what to think.  Maybe a trick gone bad?  We all know that's nearly impossible to prosecute.  My gut is to always believe women in these situations because I find it so difficult to think a woman would lie about such a thing.  But unfortunately, they sometimes do--which just f*cks all the other victims.  

I actually served on a jury for a rape case a few years ago: white woman, black defendant.  I think the DA thought they had a slam-dunk, even in liberal MA. But we acquitted him because the plaintiff was so obviously lying.  I can't quite remember exactly what the physical evidence was...I know there was a rape kit, but I think it came back inconclusive. But it became clear during the course of the trial that the woman claimed rape to get back at him for some personal grievances (they had been roommates).  The guy lost his job, friends, etc. because of the rape charge, and I have never been so happy to see someone vindicated.  So that really opened my eyes to the fact that women are indeed capable of lying.  And although I am still and probably always will be genetically pre-disposed to giving women the benefit of the doubt, I now have consider that I might be wrong to do so.


SMBrown's picture

This will probably sound

This will probably sound blasphemous, but I think I'd trade marriage rights for a ban on fracking.  Of course I don't actually want to get married, but I DO like to drink water.  WTF could he be thinking?  Who paid him off?  One of the things I didn't like about how the marriage thing went down is all of the money that was involved.  Even if it buys some good things along the way, it ultimately corrupts.

p.s. this officially knocks him off the top of my 2016 list.  Boo--I was looking forward to carrying a 'Cuomosexual' banner.

Robin Rigby's picture

The news I heard this morning

The news I heard this morning was that the maid had admitted to lying about a prior rape (she'd used a fabricated rape to gain entry to the US) and this doesn't mean he's off the hook it just means it'll be nearly impossible to prove the sex wasn't consensual. Since his defense has admitted sexual relations all along & there's a presumption of innocence in our legal system... Basically her case became impossible. The legal analyst Matt Lauer was talking to said the prosecution would still have a case if the defense had denied sexual relations altogether.

Of course, we would expect a guy with his money & influence to have a team of lawyers smart enough to play the 'consensual sex' card.