September Horoscopes

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September Horoscopes

The traffic jam energies of last month's Cardinal Cross should be abating. Choices were made, new paths taken, old lives/loves left and fresh visions created. We will continue to feel the reverberations of this incredible astrological lineup for months to come as they lead us to 2012.

We begin the month looking back over the last two years of Saturn in Virgo (where we learned the power/challenge of unequal dynamics), courtesy of Mercury (planet of communication) still retrograding in Virgo until September 12th. As mentioned last month, Virgo energy focuses on detail, patterns, perfecting, analyzing. We will continue to rework, recapture or recalibrate some finishing touches on the lessons regarding structure, lifestyle, mind/body balance, discretion and discrimination.

Depending on your sign, you may realize this was the one missing link in your drama:

ARIES--integrating a more balanced approach to your work life

TAURUS--the need to use discretion and objectivity when vetting partners or collaborators

GEMINI--you realize you inherited the self-loathing gene from your mom

CANCER--the awareness that obsessing about others (particularly friends or siblings) makes you sick

LEO--you are overly critical regarding your talents, ease up, you are a natural creator

VIRGO--God loves you in your perfect imperfection

LIBRA--you are more anal than you let on, you can let go

SCORPIO--some of your friends think too small for your current tastes and level of development

SAGITTARIUS--delays at work helped you to get a better grasp on the project/job at hand

CAPRICORN--religious conditioning included a strong dose of guilt, throw it out

AQUARIUS--you overanalyze partners' motives, they think you're awesome

PISCES--you no longer countenance an unequal romantic partnership

Our continuing Pluto in Capricorn story focuses our energies on becoming a mature adult who takes care of business even if she feels not up to the task. Sure, you can go home and eat a pint of Hagendaz if you must (this is the baby Cancer in all of us), but the world expects you to still take on a role of leadership.

Pluto stationing direct on September 14th shows you where you need to take charge: (This will be somewhat related to the fallout of the last month)

ARIES--in your work performance, you have leadership potential

TAURUS--in opening your mind to more expansive ideas

GEMINI--allowing the full flowering of your sexuality

CANCER--in dealing with powerful relationship dynamics

LEO--in responsibly handling the daily vissitudes of life

VIRGO--making sure you get into bed with the right people romantically and creatively

LIBRA--you are the new head of household in your family of

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Lake's picture

Tomorrows Horoscope......

Your friends and family have a lot to say today -- too much, most likely! That doesn't mean you should blow them off, but at some point your impatience is sure to show through. Then it's time to act!


I'm 'blowing them off'!!!!  Wink



karrr's picture


"a behind the scenes love affair, you probably won't care that they belong to someone else"

i today facebook searched the person that i'm seeing without befriending them and they're listed as IN a relationship! they're an aquarius. and yes, i guess i don't care. good thing it's going to be brief.

now robin, what we talked about the other day...horoscope fortune cookie prompts...maybe i'm going to speed this story up and befriend them on fb and see what happens.

patricia, i feel like i'm always agreeing with what you type or looking forward to it, but this month is outta control in-sync with everything!

karrr's picture


meet my past month!

of all the years i've lived in China 7 people decided to visit me in the past month alone -- not to mention i still have a guest in my house and two more are coming in sept/oct! looking forward to being able to totally focus on business again!

Steph's picture

Being a Pisces ROCKS!!!! 

Being a Pisces ROCKS!!!!  Smile

minniesota's picture


"CAPRICORN--one of your Facebook friends wants to meet you up close and in person."

Now that is interesting. Laughing out loud

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Fallon Stone's picture

Hey I'm a CAP too!!

What are the odds that the FB friend that wants to meet me, is actually someone I want to meet.

Now Follow me on Twitter! @FallonStone

Robin Rigby's picture

ME!  ME!  ME!

ME!  ME!  ME! Smile

MacLass_19's picture


"AQUARIUS--the boss may be hitting on you"

Hey wait, I AM the boss!!!!  Uh oh.


Lake's picture

Nothing wrong....

with a little self-loving.......Wink



MacLass_19's picture

I never say no to myself!!!!! huh?

Laughing out loud

Lake's picture

Me either!!!!!

occasionally I like to take matters into my own hands!!! Wink



Tex's picture

That sounds like a plan! (to Lakey below)

I need a GF..... wait a minute! I don't want a GF! I just wanna have sex! 


Twitter Time @kdhales

Lake's picture


My names Lakey.....I like long walks in the sign is.....


Oh sounds good to me!!!!!!! Wink


Tex's picture

Yo, Grace!

What Aquarius's life are you flowing into?

More passion than I've experienced in a long time?!?! Lord have mercy! Looking forward to September! 

Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

Twitter Time @kdhales

Lake's picture


Am I suppose to release the family curse and find my hidden talent while I become a BIG OLE CHEATER?!?! 

September kinda sucks for Sags!!! Wink


Rockets's picture


I was thinking the same thing! Looks like we're gonna be getting into a bit of of trouble...

Visit the FREE Lesbian Coloring pages at ~

Lake's picture

I'm due for a.......

'bit of trouble'    Wink


I take my 'September sucks' back......heheheheheeee!!!!! Wink


karrr's picture

seconds, puhlease!

i hope we get into a whole lotta trouble!

Tex's picture

'bit of trouble'

Come to Texas, and I'll help you look for trouble! 


Twitter Time @kdhales

Lake's picture

Find you a GF.....

we can cheat and find all that passion!!!!!!!! Wink