Pioneer Spirit

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Pioneer Spirit

December is here, and with it, the season of Advent. For me, Christmas has always been a time to gather with family, reconnect to my family heritage roots, and thus recharged, launch into a new year with good resolutions in mind. Parties, decorations, and gifts are all incidental (except for the mistletoe).  So, Advent is a time to slow down from the crazy mess of the last year, evaluating what things to keep and what to throw away. Evaluating from the perspective of my roots, my heritage.

This year, I have been thinking about pioneers. Some of my ancestors where the first white settlers in the area now known as Vancouver. Now while we'd all like to do something splendidly historic in our lifetime, I'm beginning to think I probably won't ever found a metropolis! However, a Rachel Maddow quote I heard recently put this pioneering business in a different perspective. She was being interviewed, and was asked how she felt about being a pioneer butch-lesbian prime time anchorwoman (my summary).  She responded by saying that if you are a pioneer, then you have to actually be a pioneer. You have to succeed in what you set out to do. You have to do it well.

As I was pondering this, I tripped over a news story about the Queen Extravaganza project. This is an American Idol-style selection process to find young musicians who can impersonate the original band members of Queen. They will then be featured in Queen's 40th Anniversary tour next year. I heartily despise this whole idea from start to finish. I dislike reality shows. I dislike rock star impersonators. And I treasure the memory of the original band a little too much to enjoy this commercial nonsense.

But I was reminded of how much of a pioneering example Freddie Mercury was for me. Now when you say he was a pioneer gay musician and Asian musician, people like to point out that he had anglicized  his name from Farrokh Bulsara and never was an out gay activist. He would dodge the question of his bisexuality in interviews and avoid being associated with his boyfriend in public. The thing is, he made it obvious enough that everybody still knew. And I mean everybody. I was nine or ten years old when “The Works” album came out. For the next six months all we heard was Radio

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Tosha's picture

oooh Freddie Mercury

one of my all-time idols Conlite and here is my favorite vid of him (tho you prob know others may not)... makes me question where i fall on that damn kinsey bell curve..but then adam lambert hits the same strange spot lol

Marcie Bianco's picture

what is Advent? and, if you

what is Advent?

and, if you get one of those kinect/singing games for a console, you can certainly be a lesbian rock star. ... i often find that i am a FABOOSH lesbian rock star whilst driving to and from campus in my car.

Conlite's picture

Advent is the month of

Advent is the month of December up till Christmas (well it actually begins four Sundays before Christmas). Supposedly a time of preparation for Christmas.  Some people light a candle in their advent wreath every Sunday.  Some people get special advent calendars that have a chocolate in them for each day.  Some people spend a lot of time in last minute Christmas shopping.

I always thought it kind of ruined December a little bit, because you're acting like nothing in the month is important till the 25th.

And don't worry, I have fun singing (and playing acoustic guitar - so lesbian!) I just haven't seen anyone eager to pay me for it!


Marcie Bianco's picture

ohhhhh yeah! i remember those

ohhhhh yeah! i remember those calender thingys. so, preparing for the holiday kind of eclipses the holiday itself. ... how very consumerist of the catholic culture!

Grace Moon's picture

nicely written! Conlite you

nicely written!

Conlite you seem to be a pioneer in many sense of the word. Smile

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Conlite's picture

Thank you, O fearless leader,

Thank you, O fearless leader, I try!

(But if I'm following in your footsteps that makes you the pioneer!)

Grace Moon's picture

Unless I move to the Tundra

Unless I move to the Tundra and live off elk meat, that makes you the pioneer!

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