PBS "Makers" Series Highlights Queer Women

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PBS "Makers" Series Highlights Queer Women

MAKERS: Women Who Make Americaa landmark digital video and broadcast initiative from AOL and PBS that launched last February, will be turned into a broadcast series on PBS later in the year. This project aims to become not only the largest but also the most dynamic collection of women’s stories ever assembled. It originated from a very clear premise: over the last half century, the work of millions of women has altered virtually every aspect of American culture. The MAKERS platform tells the story of these exceptional women — both famous and heretofore unknown individuals — whose pioneering contributions continue to shape the world in which we live.

Amongst them are some notable queer women who speak about their lives, their careers, and their experience coming out, such as Charlotte BunchKara SwisherSusan Love and Ellen DeGeneres. In her video, Ellen applauds the project, saying: “MAKERS celebrates women’s achievement and I’m flattered to be included in this amazing group of women. I hope that my story and the stories from other MAKERS will inspire new generations of women to use their talents to create positive change.”  

You can go to PBS's MAKERS site to watch hours of streaming video on dozens of women "makers," game-changers, and leaders. Every day this week, Vp will be highlighting a queer woman featured in the series. And we'll begin with Charlotte Bunch, a global equal rights activist who infused lesbianism into the feminist movement in the 70s and 80s:



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CORREX: The PBS site also

CORREX: The PBS site also hosts a section on MAKERS  - http://www.pbs.org/makers and the network will broadcast the series early next year.
But the MAKERS.com site is currently hosted by AOL