Out's Top 100—Who Would You Include?

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Out's Top 100—Who Would You Include?

Out Magazine has named its top 100 people of 2011—as always, this list is mostly comprised of gay men, but there are a smattering of queer women to take note of, including:

(Sandra Bernhard, comedian)

(Revs. Mally Lloyd & Katherine Ragsdale, Episcopalian Priests)

(JD Samson, Nomi Ruiz & Melissa Ferrick, musicians)


And, my pick:

(Dee Rees, screenwriter & director)


As you know, Velvetpark publishes its very own annual list of top queer women—who would you include in your list of top queer women of 2011?

Comments [12]

Jess Glenny's picture

It's a very US-oriented list ...

but maybe it's meant to be? I'd nominate Jeanette Winterson. 'Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal' is beautifully written, touching and illuminating. I think perhaps she's not so well known in the US. This book is deservedly big here, and not just in the lesbo community.

Steph's picture

Agree on the book (see my

Agree on the book (see my comment to Marcie below) and "hi" from one Brit to another Smile

Marcie Bianco's picture

Jess, have you read it?! It's

Jess, have you read it?! It's not avail in the states yet, and I wanted to read/write a review—le sigh!

Steph's picture

Sorry to butt in but just to

Sorry to butt in but just to say I have read it and it's very, very good.  Much of the early part of the book focusses on the idiosyncracies of living in the North of Enlgand - I found this particularly touching/laugh out loud funny as that's my heritage (different county but that's a minor technicality!)

I have mixed views on Winterson and have only read two of her other books (Oranges and The Passion) but what I admire about her and this book in particular are a) her command and use of the English language (she is one of a dying breed which depresses me beyond belief), b) her massive intellect and c) her knowledge of and reference to literature.


Marcie Bianco's picture

hey Steph! that's great to

hey Steph! that's great to know—i adore winterson (her YA books, too!) but dislike Oranges....I'm not religious at all so the whole martyrdom stuff is over mah headz. Can't wait to read it!

Jess Glenny's picture

Yes, I've read it ...

it's fantastic. There are a couple of reviews here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2011/nov/04/why-be-happy-jeanette-winterson-review and http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2011/nov/06/why-happy-jeanette-winterson-review

WriterInResidence's picture

*Sap Alert*

I would like to nominate my partner, Lea Hayes, who has spent over twenty years in the fire service, the last ten of those completely out. Lea steadfastly worked her way up to Fire Chief even after enduring verbal and psychological abuse, shredded uniforms in her locker, feces in her shower, and was once beat up in the parking lot of a rest area in the South just because she was a butch in a rainbow, tie-dyed “I Got Crabs at Joes” t-shirt. She never let any of the nasty things that anyone did to her get in the way of her goals or her true calling.

Lea leads men in a traditionally male profession in a “mans world,” does it very well, and is continually climbing their ladder while remaining a 100% out, unashamed, truly beautiful person. She never tells anyone that she is anything different than what she is. She is sweet, funny and compassionate.

What would make her a good candidate this year, in particular, is that she helped a distressed colleague completely accept and eventually embrace the news of her daughter coming out to her as a lesbian. In addition, Lea has now taken a position over seas and is the new Fire Chief at NAS Sigonella in Sicily. She is an out lesbian Fire Chief to a crew of over 75 very Catholic, very macho, Italian men. She never batted an eye at the challenge, even with some serious trepidation on their part in the beginning. They now, five months later, love and accept her as their leader because she knows her profession so well she helps them think far outside the box. (Really…no pun intended.)

She makes a phenomenal candidate to be on a list of fabulous gay people as she is well-known in what ever community she is in at the time as a great leader and positive role-model. This does wonders for the general public where she works and lives, both foreign and domestic, so that they understand that the caveat that someone happens to be gay does not affect their competency or worthiness in a profession or in society as a whole.

P.S. Lea and I, and our little dog too, all made it safely back to Italy to begin the next chapter in our great adventure!

Conlite's picture

Off the top of my head, I

Off the top of my head, I would include Jane Lynch (doing the Emmys, remaining famous etc) and Mayor Parker of Houston.  Have to think some more about who else.  If FTM transmen are included (I don't remember what we did last year) then Chaz Bono too, of course.

I find the out100 list hard to download with all the photos and whatnot, so I usually give up after a bit.

Conlite's picture

Just checked out last year's

Just checked out last year's list and read the no celebrities rule, so I guess Jane and Chaz are out.  Have to think some more!

Marcie Bianco's picture

please do let us know your

please do let us know your thoughts! and, yes, no 'celebrities,' in the sense that there are so many people—worthy people, behind-the-scenes people—who do a lot of work... Oftentimes, celebrities simply provide the "face" to all this work.

Grace Moon's picture

I often find their list

I often find their list baffling and way too long to pay attention to.

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Marcie Bianco's picture

i agree. i mean, i'm sure the

i agree. i mean, i'm sure the intentions are good, and i find the photos aesthetically appealing...i'm just not fully clear on Out's criteria...i mean, there seems to be no cohesion, and there seem to be a few arbitrary selections (for instance, I adore Sandra B., but she's not really 'done' anything this year, ammi right???).

to each homo his/her own, i guess.